Funded Research

Decision Tree Analyses Using the County Health Rankings by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

01/2015-05/2016 Principal Investigator

For this project, we aim to identify the most influential factors that together can explain key health outcomes in RWJF’s County Health Rankings in order to make the rankings more informative and actionable to policymakers and the general public. Method Using CHR 2015 data, we conducted a tree analysis (Exhaustive CHAID) to evaluate county-level data for each state in the US. Exhaustive CHAID is a method that allows us to identify clusters of counties with different levels of health outcomes based on complex interactions of various health factors that may be related to these health outcomes.

Funded by: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | Amount: $100,000

Evaluation of Project ECHO at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the Context of Geriatric Mental Health Care Access

01/2015-01-2016 Co-Principal Investigator

The objective of this evaluation is to assess improvements in quality of care, patient outcomes and cost of care from the implementation of Project ECHO to evaluate whether intervention is effective in changing the way that primary care providers (PCPs) care for patients in need of geriatric mental health services. Furthermore we assessed whether there are health care system savings associated with Project ECHO through which the program can be sustainable—and scalable—after the grant period ends.

Funded by: NYSHealth Foundation | Amount: $50,000

Reducing Disparities in Care for High Risk Postpartum Women through Payment and Delivery System Redesign

11/2014-07/2016 Investigator |(No longer affiliated with project)

This project will implement a new postpartum payment and delivery system that builds on evidence-based payment mechanisms proven to increase quality as well as two social work/patient navigator-based case management interventions that have been successfully implemented to decrease hospital readmissions among chronically ill patients and reduce postpartum depression. These delivery system interventions teach self-management skills, enhance social support, connect patients with appropriate medical care, and increase access to community resources. They will be combined to target persistent disparities in postpartum care. The payment system reform aspect will offer nonfinancial and financial incentives to clinicians who improve postpartum care and reduce health disparities in the targeted population.

Funded by: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | Amount: $300,000

Planning Grant: Multi-Sectoral Determinants of Infant Mortality and Other Related Child Health Outcomes

01/2015-09/2015 Investigator

IBM Research and NYAM are combining their unique expertise to provide the full spectrum of capabilities necessary to address population health problems of a complex systems nature and with requirements for massive data management and advanced data analytics techniques. IBM’s Smarter Planet and Smarter Cities research and solutions provide unique capabilities for understanding and addressing municipal challenges in water, energy, housing, education, social services and other sectoral domains.

Funded by: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Pre-Doctoral Grant Funding

William T. Grant Foundation Mentoring Fellowship with Prof. Jason Fletcher (Mentor) (2013-2014)

AHRQ- Doctoral Training Fellowship (2009-2013)