Found Paintings

Collaboration with Ian McLean, by Norman Barney

Birch bark, wood, plastic toys, plastic beads, plastic toys, oil on canvas 27 in. X 23 in. X 5 in. 2018



Found oil painting on Wood with Mummified Cat and Snake Skin. 42 in. X 58 in. 2004

Exotic Times

Found oil painting, plastic and wooden figures, mache' 19.5 in. X 23.5 in. 2007

They Are Here

Acrylic painting on found printed scene, metal and ceramic 44 in. X 25 in. 2005


Beaver Landscape

Beaver chewed wood, birch-bark, cedar planks, stone, found painting, silver spoons on wood holder, beaver carvings, acrylic paint. 40in. X 53in. X 7in. 2014

Incompetent Cat

Found oil painting on canvas with plastic rats, mache', acrylic on wood. 26.5 in. X 29 in. x 3 in. 2006


Wood, glass, paper, mache', ceramic. 10in. X 23.5in. x 3 in. 2013

Spirit of the Wolf

Found oil painting, modelling paste, silver leaf, wood. 25 in. X 29 in. 2014