The Webinars Series

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(For each webinar, registration will be open until 24 hours before the starting time)

Here you can check the dates for the upcoming webinars organised within the NordicPOP WP6 initiative. If you can provide one - please write on the forum.

Prof. Christel Bergström (19.05.2020)

Overview of modelling and simulation for solubility, permeability and formulateability

Aleksei Kabedev (20.05.2020)

Solubility and affinity in Molecular Dynamics

Shakhawath Hossain (25.05.2020)

Interaction pattern of bile composition, permeability enhancer and cell membrane investigated by molecular dynamics simulations

Prof. Per Larsson

Advanced formulations and dynamics of colloidal rearrangements in human intestinal fluids

Dr. Alex Bunker

Molecular dynamics simulations of lipid membranes as a tool for pharmaceutical research

Sohan Sarangi

Particle Dynamics and modelling of adhesive mixtures for inhaled medicines – A DEM Approach

Summer break

To be announced

Tutorial 1

Basics of Molecular Dynamics for Pharmaceutical Problems (Registration will start soon)

Videos from the webinars will be also available from this page