Norah Holsten

Norah was born and raised in Washington DC. She is a creative director, producer, and photographer in the DC Metro Area and a Commercial Photography graduate from Gwinnett Technical College with a degree in applied technology. She is a LEED Green Associate with the US Green Building Council and has a passion for art and sustainability. She is an active environmental advocate and activist. Norah trained as a Climate Reality Leader in March 2019 (with Al Gore) and is available for community climate presentations.

Norah's knowledge base includes Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Green Building, and Plant & Food-Based Healing. Her latest venture,, is a food-based directory that focuses around food justice, wellness and sustainability. The project will launch in the Spring of 2020.

Before moving back home to Washington DC in 2019, Norah worked in Atlanta for six years as a commercial video producer, energy efficiency consultant and activist. Previous to that, Norah spent fourteen years living in South Florida, where she worked as a marketing director, creative director-photographer, Hasselblad rep and exhibited her award-winning fine art photography with the Boca Raton Museum of Art. She traveled to Puerto Rico extensively to promote energy efficiency and has traveled to China to explore the LED manufacturing process.

Norah is an avid hiker, backpacker, nature-lover, meditator, yogini, star-gazer, forest-bather, and a barefoot, adventurous soul. At the same time, she can read a financial statement, command a working staff, and write a sound business plan. Norah maximizes her right-brain/left-brain synergistic thinking in all of her endeavors, including her passion for conservation and love of nature.

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