Welcome to Noorlander Pacific

Noorlander Pacific is the official representative for Noorlander Orgelmakerij in the Southwestern U.S., providing marketing, sales and service for the full line of Noorlander organs. Organ demonstrations are available in Southern California area by appointment--please use the form on the Contact page. Inquiries from anywhere in the U.S. are welcome.

Noorlander Orgelmakerij have been building and distributing organs in Europe for over ten years, but the name is relatively new in the United States. As the first official distributor in the U.S., our goal is to expand awareness for the brand and provide support for existing and future Noorlander organ owners. Please visit the Noorlander web site for currently available models.

Noorlander organs are built on the Hauptwerk software platform, providing a completely integrated "turn-key" solution for organists who desire the benefits and functionality of a Hauptwerk organ, but do not want to be concerned with the technology or assembling a "do-it-yourself" organ.

With a Noorlander organ, each new sample set you add to your collection offers you an entire new sound experience. With hundreds of European and American organ sample sets available, you'll never run out of organs to explore.