None Logic

None Logic

None logic as a web domain name, is my new version of the study of today, and the logic of:

(1) No one. None. Nothing. Nobody. Cero/Nada . So small it is considered nothing Ex-nihilo, origins from nothing to today's Life. Guided, intelligent and with the aim we see today in Life. Considered to be Religion of Creation.

(2) Evolution, Big Bang theory, origins from something very small, with no intelligence or guidance or aim. So big you don't see anything. Like an ant/hormiga looking at everything around so big, it misses to comprehend it all. And we do not know as humans what it might think, if anything. Or what it really perceives. Other than reactions of survival and living.

(3) Contrary to group/pod living. Nothing else but NUMBER ONE. Dispossession of family from a Estate, by a will. Contrary to Government Probate. Zero passing on of the rightful property/estate benefit. It is similar as hybrids and no descendants/zilch/nada. Extermination is similar. No work/sustenance, and dispossession conditions of human society systems. Connected to welfare meager economic supply, to exorbitant rentals, little to no food, few clothes, and no allowed real property or major possessions.

(4) None or the Hole of real nothing, and a probable end, with no end. No end, or Sure end. Does it imply no beginning. We are used to beginnings as humans as to birth, and fear ends and death. We fear or not death, if it is a Final annihilation, and No Soul or Spirit. Or what kind of after life? This is a big amount of this logic of none, that fills our World, Life and Society. None others in the Universe and Extraterrestrial Life.The Real violent World that Evolution Science really creates, void of the philosophy of ethics and common morality. Common Commerce and livability. Homelessness as a final example of Parasites/Slave drivers logic.

(5) Ignoring the problem [[ignorans problema]]. The big significant issues and unsolved (complex) problems of Life, Language, Consciousness, Mind and Brain, Artificial Intelligence deep learning in comparison to a Organic Humans Mind and Brain, Cognitive Science, Language, Creativity, Intelligence, Astronomy Physics and the Universe, etc.

(6) Willfully simplifying and over-simplifying the real gigantic/complex problems of Life and Science, actually simplifying observable reality. Not knowing all that they are seeing in the scientific method to the observable reality, but also ignoring willfully or not, what they are not seeing also.

(7) The long winding road, with jumps, leaps and bounds, no connections, joins and unions out of the blue, from nonelogic, no logic, no language, no artificial intelligence, no information, to the miracle of Life(non Biblical or Religious), or whatever Evolution calls it! OPENAI and GPT2 artificial language creation, by mere size and computation power, shows the size of the problem that brain and mind means, to any human Science! Self acquisition of human language is a non defined road to this day! There are no evolutionary models: you have to provide the hardware/computational and the database first! The problem presented in GPT2 and OpenAI, in comparison with Human Origins and Life, is as a not known problem in Physics, like time travel, WARP speeds, creation of a live cell(Life) from scratch in a laboratory, etc. Simply the problem is greater than current Human comprehension and knowledge!

(8) First Bibliography must reads, and one with an afterword with our Dear Richard Dawkins and so many followers:

8.a) Philosophical Justifications (argumentation's) for Atheism and Evolution - Michael Martin. Comments: I will be presenting a selection of these argumentation's to further expand our studies in logic. Extremely interesting, as it will be using general concepts and not specifically the particular studies I did of the Bible, in the "Book of Pure Logic".

8.b) Why there is something rather than nothing - A Universe from Nothing - Lawrence M. Krauss. Comments: General logic studies of time, space and the Universe. Where we are in Science and some logic not used before, or expanded from used logic. Why time is relative (Albert Einstein) or can it be absolute. Why time travel and travelling back in time does not follow any known True Science or logic of matter.

8.c) The impossibility of God - Michael Martin & Ricki Monnier. Comments: Arguments used and my logic to real impossibility and real improbability.

And more bibliography coming. You will prepare yourself. reading first these Books! I guarantee you will be more fulfilled in life merely reading these Books and finally my Book. Even if some of these books may be a bit boring, and a lot of study. You try and get more out from these Books.

9) The Bible Book of Revelation/Apocalypse or Simply many scenarios of Armageddons!

Does it occur to anybody that evil is in our minds as a psychological balance between too good, to the too bad sociopath in all its forms of manifestation, all the way to a full blown psychopath of also with types and forms? And what would produce another World style dictator that Wars the World again?

Let's consider that a Super Machiavellian can arise from what today occurs under super controlled disciplinary Religions! Tired of the rut of control, and fed and fueled by all the bad that really happens! Only somebody like this could reach echelons of the big Empires of today and we all hope it not to happen to any Law abiding and "God" fearing English Country.

And how is all this "nonelogic"? Simply beyond the common logic of the day, or contrary to the what and what of these Super Disciplined controlling English World Countries. Or beyond any logic, escaping the common accustomed logic we normally know.

Oh yes. We are going into some deep Psychology, and then trying to connect it to some circuits of organic neurons. Where is everything really in our Brains, Minds and Grey Mater?

10) Revisiting the "logic" of the Egyptian and World Pyramids! The extreme precision at Giza, and other peculiarities at Mayan-Inca monument places.

11) What is a curve in other logic and Physics, other than Mathematics? Revisiting pi, and other Mathematical curves. Revisiting the notion of endless, infinite decimals, as of pi and the "exact" Circle, with its diameter/radius and area. A circle is "exact", yet the length of its circumference, and the Area is multiplied by and irrational constant with "infinite" decimals! Funny yet true. My first book started studying "pi" and its decimals. Nobody to this day, thought there was more to it!

12) A secondary/tertiary Book of simple Physics, and the why? Because of the not common or "none logic" of some simple "PREMISES/ASSUMPTIONS" that are made in Physics, that nobody really thinks about! Because Space/Vacuum and the void, plus Black Mater, are not common logic, or simply Science does not really know!

We are not going to speculate on particular cases of "Rocket Science" and "Space travel". We are going to present each thing by itself, and try and find some logic. We might get lost here in this one also. But as to Military Space secrets, I do not know of any, nor do I have access to any. How a blob of something, the Solar System, and planets and asteroids/comets, appear so perfectly, in the chaotic(cosmos) around so "vacant, vast, and void(nothingness-nonelogic)"! That is the thematic. NOT HOW THEY GET FROM ONE "BLOB" to the other "blob" and space travel. That does not concern me or really help me, on this journey of whatever logic(good, bad or no-logic).

13) More studies and Books in Cognition, Consciousness and trying to decipher how the Brain("Mind") codes our thoughts, with the complementary material/data of: Stanislas DeHaene, and others.

14) BRINGING forth all I can grasp that DEVELOPS, from my first Book: " Book of Pure Logic". But the Bible does not need to be studied as such, rather we will use it further, as being published first, on some added themes from the Final Section of the Bible and the Book of Revelations.