Book Non-fuel energy generating device

There are already so many in the world, the mysteries about devices, without the combustible energy of a closed mechanical type.

My little book with an interesting look (originality in the simplicity of decisions) on the essence of the things of this topic. It turns out that nothing contradicts traditional physics. In the book, I consider the mechanical devices of this direction (why many people do not do this), analyze the reality of their work with production and excess energy, how to organize to perform the result of excess force. I just want to note that the flywheel is an accumulator of kinetic energy, it will not work in constant mode, because it is molded into a structure according to the formula: engine + flywheel + generator, this element is still not enough. This is similar to using a capacitor between the battery and a light bulb in the DC circuit and waiting for the capacitor to exit too much. Follow the principles of operation of the Adams and Bedini devices, namely electromechanical devices. There is only a gift for a free device. I describe my vision of Andrei Slobodyan’s devices and where his system intersects with Adams principle. Tesla's electric generator analysis for gas turbines (you know it as a quantum electric generator) and Tesla's two-phase generator. I suggest you change the design of these generators a little (add an intangible additional element) and get a reduction in input torque to zero and find out what the EMF control algorithm will be. How to create efficient engines for self-propelled power generation systems. How to integrate everything on one axis. The application of the book is the calculation system (in Excel), where you can calculate the optimal operating parameters of the flywheel, the engine to it and power can be removed from the generator. How to remove this force from the working structure so that the system works, my thoughts are in the book. Terms of use of the transmission with the calculation of dependencies. You will like it, everything will be on the surface, if you want to hide something, put it in a prominent place and no one will see it.

The flywheel will not operate continuously, giving out torque. This is an energy storage device (inaccurate analogue, electric capacitor). Even if you make asymmetric loads, there will still be a result that will balance the performance for the moment of momentum emitted through the shaft. When you accelerate the flywheel to a certain speed, there are forces that physicists call fictitious: Centrifugal force and centripetal force. At some point, the energy storage turns into a quadratic increase, while the required input torque is negligible. If you discharge the flywheel impulsively, allowing it to restore the flywheel charge, lower input torque, when removing you can get a difference more than at the input. If you make a calculation and a graph of the accumulated energy and torque for the flywheel, you will see that the energy accumulates non-linearly. But the torque indicator is linear, which cannot be, since any acceleration has non-linear indicators of the required load.

Sincerely, Serge Rakarskiy.

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