Everyone has the right to personal energy independence.

This is my first work explaining the very principle of constructing devices, their essence. This work removes the points of illusions in the matter of devices of free energy of this type.

Free energy is the energy that you use and which you do not buy from a supplier. But energy is a conditional concept, because you use the power of a device that produces the necessary actions for you: it generates heat, light or movement (rotation). All these devices are not Eternal Motors, like the device itself, which generates a source of energy. These devices are all designed, calculated. manufactured and operated on the basis of fundamental and new technologies, have a calculated resource and cost of operation for materials and components. The difference is that they do not need fuel for conversion or an external source of energy (force) - like sunlight (light intensity), wind power or the force of falling water. Yes, it is the closed-cycle devices capable of generating energy to maintain the internal circulation of energies (forces) and delivering extra energy for consumer purposes, I regard as key, giving personal energy independence.

The material reveals the secret of the half-century device, which is the simplest generator without fuel. For the first time information about such a device appeared in the United States "about the emergency lighting system." A device by two US Army soldiers was smuggled into the United States. It was a simple device that did not need wind, fuel, or another source. He had a simple collector switch, while the device uninterruptedly ensured the combustion of several light bulbs. Thus began the era of Free Energy devices, engine type - 2 in 1 generator (ROTOVERT). The studies of Ron Cole, the projects of Robert Adams, Bill Muller, John Bedini, Joe Flynn and others are based on the effect that was laid in this simple device from Germany.

Devices can achieve an efficiency of more than 1000%.