About Us

noGBDtax.org is an ad hoc group of citizens who oppose the creation of Green Benefit Districts in San Francisco.

The noGBDtax.org website grew out of our efforts on two fronts: to lend support to newly targeted neighborhoods and to defeat the GBD movement City-wide. noGBDtax.org is not a formal organization, nor are we aligned with or backed in any way by any organization. We are an informal group of individuals who share information and brainstorm strategies.

At our core are several citizens from the Inner Sunset and the Greater Buena Vista districts who fought and defeated GBDs in their neighborhoods. Our group is growing, now adding concerned citizens from the Mission Dolores district where the current battle is being fought.

  • Roger Hofmann
  • John Hooper
  • Rick Carrel
  • Carol Glanville
  • Stephen Bartoletti
  • Daniel Tomasevich
  • Mei Chan
  • Scott Stielstra

We are also joined by dozens of other concerned citizens, whom we keep informed and occasionally “call to action” through our google groups. Join us! Our google groups are “Concerned GBV Citizens” and “Concerned MD Citizens,” or write to us at Team@noGBDtax.org We are happy to answer any questions individually, and we have sent representatives to speak at several neighborhood groups.