The No Bells Initiative at Novato High School (NBI) is a completely new learning community where bells do not signal the beginning or the end of learning. Students will master the content knowledge for college and the essential skills for career and life.

  • Students plan their academic, college and career goals, mentored by a teacher who understands their aspirations.
  • Teachers facilitate collaborative projects where students can build and demonstrate cognitive skills.
  • Students work through content and assessments at their own pace. Teachers individualize instruction using real-time data.
  • Students work with teacher mentors to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence, and self-directed learning skills.

NBI will be based on the proven success of the Summit Learning Platform.

What does "Radical Personalization" mean?

Key Features

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Mentor Meetings with students
  • 25 to 1 Student to Mentor ratio
  • Minimum 12 Units College of Marin Credit
  • Cutting-edge Integrated Learning Management System
  • Common Core and Next Generation Science Standard Aligned
  • "Radically Personalized" Learning Environment

The School Culture

NBI strives to be a learning community where faculty and students learn and pursue interests together. Faculty guides are both teachers and mentors.

Most learning experiences at NBI – projects, internships and courses – will involve creating and building. The products of this work – the tangible outputs of learning experiences will be shared in “Exhibitions of Learning” with the NBI school community – the students, their teachers and parents. These will include recitals, demonstrations, presentations and explanations.

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