Prayer Request

Prayer is a very important part of every Emmaus Walk or Chrysalis Flight and it is essential to our christian life. Sometimes we have prayer concerns that we share with many and sometimes we have prayer concerns that we share with just a select few, as you would with the prayer team during a walk. Here in the NOA community we believe in the power and importance of prayer. So much so that we have created a NOA community Prayer Team in the model of the prayer team that serve during each walk or flight. This team is made up of 5 community members with one prayer coordinator, Nancy Scott, who will receive all prayer requests and then distribute them as needed. You can choose to submit just to the 5 prayer members; to have a email blast to NOA community members who have selected to receive request; or to have it posted on our community Facebook page. Please fill out the information below and let our prayer team and our community prayer warriors lift you and your concerns up.