If you have attended one of the 189 walks or 30 flights held thus far by the Noahs of Ark community or have served on one of these teams, you can find yourself within our database. Within the database you can stay connected with others of Noahs of Ark, keep your contact info up to date, submit an application to work, sign up for our 72 hour prayer vigil or find those that attended your walk with you.

We are currently working to update our database. Information such as email address, cell phone numbers, last names, or home addresses may have changed since you first attended your wok with us. If you would, please take a moment now and go to our Update My Data form and fill out all your current data for us, we would greatly appreciate it. We need EVERYONE to do this update.

The database main page can be found at Please note that this site works best on Internet Explorer and seems to have difficulty on Google Chrome or FoxFire or a mac computer. There is no need to register unless you did not attend a Noahs of Ark walk/flight or if you attended another community but have worked a Noahs of Ark walk/flight. All you need to do is sign in.

If you do not know your username or your password, please contact us at

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