Today's Republican Party

Declaration of Independence from the Treasonous Republican Party:

That with a general disregard for true conservative values in a free market world, the Republican Party has, for decades, simply lawyered for the benefit of a continuously shrinking number of offshore citizens and their foreign counterparts. This is obviated by the following decade’s long actions of the party. (1)


This is not just about Trump; this is about the party whose thirst for one-party control, coupled with a disdain for democracy allowed someone like Trump to take power. A Party that spreads untruths to obtain power and now finds itself with a leader who actually believes those untruths and is saddling the Republican Party, and our country, with policies based on those falsehoods while our real problems go unspoken.

This is neither a revolution nor a call to violence; this is a solution to what has been causing violence. This is an assassination on a Party; and a political party is not a person, any more than a corporation is a person. None the less, any US political party that, through repeated and sustained actions, asserts a war on Democracy must be destroyed and history must mark it as a lesson for all future associations.

This is not about the rank and file republicans who champion needful conservative values. This is not a narrative of the rich versus the poor; and not about business versus government. This is a contemporary picture of the Republican Party leadership, who delegates are acquired and controlled by international economic pirates. No, this is not about a conspiracy; pirates, either domestic or foreign, don’t conspire. There simple task is to lie and wait, and at the most opportune times, extract as much wealth as obtainable and then sail off and hide (Enron is a good example). But they do have common causes; they support each other, they champion those who champion week governments, controlled by a few approachable people, they patronize manipulated broadcast mediums, either old fashion TV and print, or current internet platforms, through which to cultivate a frighten, selfish and heedlessly nonsensical people incapable of recognizing there reality! And, through the current control of the Republican Party these pirates are winning.

This is not about all corporations, or all businesses. We that work and compete successfully in the market place love our country and wish only to protect the free market for generations to come. It’s not un-American, indeed it is a responsibility, to petition our government for that protection. What is anti-social is to lobby for laws that allow for personal, non-productive wealth, to be extracted at the expense of others in the market. In a real democracy such efforts are unmasked by debate and never become law. That This continuous transfer of wealth from all of us, to the few, reflects the destruction of our democracy. Today our democracy has been so weakened that we have a president who is friends with the world’s most vile dictators and at war with the world’s strongest democracies.

This is about that ruin through the Republican Party that hides those personal interests, who are paid to make unfairness lawful, to make being selfish respectable. We use the words “Corporate Pirates” against people we know nothing about. We only know them because laws must be public and the unfairness (tax laws, campaign laws etc..) and the immorality (incarceration, immigration injustices, etc.)of those laws championed by the Republican Party are there footsteps. We follow those footsteps in the Declaration for Independence from said treasonous Party.

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