Voter's Rights and the Republican Party

From the Declaration of Independence from the Treasonous Republican Party

The Party has repeatedly sought laws disenfranchising the voting rights of the poor. (13)

During the Presidency of our nation’s first African American President, the Republican Party undertook a campaign to disenfranchise the voting rights of the poor. Through the state legislatures now controlled by Republican gerrymandering, a flurry of new voter ID laws was passed in the following states: Taxes, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Alabama, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Road Island and New Hampshire. All battel ground states; none have ever had any substantial voter fraud from the citizenship, be they rich or poor.

It does not take too much imagination to understand the Republican Party's dilemma with the poor. For one, the poor have no reason to vote for the Republican Party which has always despised them, that is, complained about how they are a burden on the taxes of the wealthy. And secondly, with the two or three, low paid jobs, the poor do not have the free time to sit for hours in front of an electronic screen so that their brains can be twisted into conformity on election day. So, if they can’t be cowed into voting Republican, how can we keep them from voting? All wealthy people have stellar means of identification, the poor do not. This suggests a way to disenfranchise voters.

Including the battleground states mentioned above 25 Republican state legislatures and governorships have enacted stricter voter registration requirements, all designed at disenfranchising the poor. It should also be pointed out that in all of these states, where they claim to be worried about illegal voting, the lawmakers have never bothered, as a deterrent, to pass a law increasing punishment for such behavior. This should be a big clue that stopping voter lawbreaking is not the issue; the issue for the Republican Party (and it is always the Republican Party) is the suppression of legal voting by people who would vote against their Party.

What is staggering about this issue is the number of people involved and complicit in this crime against democracy. What danger is our democracy when so many people will openly conspire to keep others from voting to assure their own parties win? Do these legislatures know what they are doing; or are they just blindly doing what they are told? Can they not grasp that the democracy for the self is inseparably connected to the democracy for all? In general, this is about the Republican Party, and not its members, but It needs to be said that anyone who makes it harder for a fellow citizen to exercise their right to vote is personally treasonous to democracy and the United States of America.