Republican Corporate Policies

From the Declaration of Independence from the Treasonous Republican Party

And even more disastrously, the Republican Party has removed regulations that protect citizens and the environment from corporate abuses while at the same time allowing and increasing regulations against the rights and freedoms of average citizens. (8)

Corporations laissez faire; Individual Families Beware

In the previous section, we have seen how Republican tax laws foster short term profits over long term business health, and nothing speaks short term profits more than cheating the customer. Back in the post-Depression “old fashion” days with progressive taxation, wealth was accumulated by holding on to stocks rather than churning them. Because of this a corporate name was all important and the “customer was always right”. Today, as a result of our “modern” tax laws a corporate name is just another commodity, up for sell to international short term investors and cheating the customer is part of the process. Some of the more notable examples are the Wells Fargo fake account scandal, the contract scams of T-Mobile, Verizon and the home loans sold by all the big name banks, where income was never verified and interest rates, in time, unpayable. These wrongs are so pervasive across our country that everyone has experienced them. Besides the monetary losses, the damage to our country values is incalculable and seriously disturbing. Think of the army of young workers who, being hired to participate in these frauds, have being taught that stealing on behalf of the corporation is more than OK; it is how you get ahead. They are being taught that being successful does not have to be about working hard or skillfully so as to be more productive or precise; you can instead enrich yourselves by fooling honest people. Honest people, the lesson continues, are easy to steal from because it is there nature to believe others. They especially cannot believe the dishonesty of those who seem to be successful; why, they always think, would someone who has more than what he needs to be happy, want to steal? But advancements into those successful positions are held out for those who embrace dishonest maneuvering as a virtue and advancement above that is reserved for men who will take without concern of fairness or consequences.

In general, as non-Republicans set up governing agencies that protect customers and the environment from such people; Republicans eliminate them. This is not to say that some regulations could be needlessly bureaucratic or overreaching, but rather then repair, republicans eliminate. Here is a test: if you wanted to cheat customers, or dump toxic waste into land, water or air, which political party would you go to for legal cover? By 100% you would answer the Republican Party and hard core Republicans would say it with pride.

Conversely, when we talk about the individual, the Republican Party is, proudly, the “Law and Order” party. Minimum sentencing laws, fathered by conservative politicians, hog-tie justices from doing their job, to administer fairness for all. From Wikipedia, “the incarceration rate of the United States of America was (2013) the highest in the world, at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. While the United States represents about 4.4 percent of the world's population, it houses around 22 percent of the world's prisoners." The Republican Party’s rise to power in the last 40 years has, to some extent, been on the backs of a manufactured crime-fear that has resulted in the ruin of an untold numbers of American families. This is not to say that there are some people who, as a danger to society, need to be jailed; it is the unethicality of the federal sentencing laws that can imprison you for decades for selling marijuana and finds no crime whatsoever for banks removing a family from there legally purchase home!

(Oh I know, some will find this last statement about banks as unfair-Banks had to repossess the home (as if they ever possessed it in the first place) for nonpayment. It should be replied that the homeowner went to the bank for a means to purchase the home. It was the banks job to provide a financial means for the homeowner to do so. This service earned them there fair fees and interest. For the loan to change to an unpayable monster is simply a bait and switch. For the banks to then sell these “Toxic Loans” too our, in part, retirement funds, is a double steel leaving both parties short (and don’t get me started on default swaps). Instead of working a fair resolution in changing times to the interest rates they simply stole hundreds of thousands of homes from those who could still pay a reasonable interest rate.) For the corporations laissez faire; for the individual family beware! With this in mind, let's look at the ruin of the earth by this generation, for all future generations to come.

Everyone knows that manmade global warming is a fact. It’s not a matter of scientist being smarter than any of us it’s simply looking at the facts that they have collected and, certainly by now, seeing the obvious truth. The leaders of every other country on earth know manmade global warming is a fact. The mayors of every coastal city in America know it to be a fact, and even the Defense Department knows it. When men who are smart enough to become presidents and congressmen say that there is no man-made destruction of the earth they are simply lying. President Trump, for one, might be forgiven in that he is one of those rare humans who, by never telling the truth does not grasp what it means to lie! Non-the- less, this is so bizarrely inhuman because everyone knows they are lying and they lay anyway. Even worse they call upon their followers to bravely and even patriotically stand up and defend the integrity of the lie against the unpatriotic publishers of reality. The free press. Of course as bizarre as this is; it is not treasonous to lie. In deed the lie is to be tolerated in a democracy so that it can be exposed and corrected. That has been happening in this country for several years and rather than making the Republican Party more introspective about the inequality of their actions they have chosen to remain in power by waging a war against, and in fact, destroying our democracy. The tactics that have brought this about are listed in the second half of the “Declaration”, tactics that are treasonous to any Democratic country; tactics that are treasonous to the United States of America!