Corporate Broadcast Media

From the Declaration of Independence from the Treasonous Republican Party:

  • The party’s repeated alliance with corporate broadcast media and their anti-human mind control of our people. By the slashing of broadcast media consolidation regulations; allowing single-party propaganda of our populations by overwhelming international money. That in our rural, least expensive media markets, this area wide brainwashing has already been achieved, dividing our country into rural vs urban camps when, in reality, the reasons for that divide does not exist. Be it said, if one can control what one sees, so that it is possible to make one believe that a fly lands on your nose every day, and that every day you must swat your face, it is not unreasonable for one to wish to “make life great again”. This is a literal picture of today’s Republican Party Trump supporter. (16)

The Media Coup

While the three issues presented in the last section has diminished democracy by wealth disparities, no “New Deal” change has been more damaging to democratic freedoms, and more advantages to corporate power, then the near destruction of our free press. The remarkable American news media of the 20th century was the making of the Communication act 1934 which defined the term "public interest" from the Federal Radio Commission. The Commission determined, in its 1928 annual report, that "the emphasis must be first and foremost on the interest, the convenience, and the necessity of the listening public, and not on the interest, convenience, or necessity of the individual broadcaster or the advertiser. Following this reasoning, early FCC regulations reflected the presumption that "it would not be in the public's interest for a single entity to hold more than one broadcast license in the same community and that the ownership entity is American. The view was that the public would benefit from a diverse array of local owners because it would lead to a diverse array of program and service viewpoints. This diversity of ownership, as well as strong media employees’ unions, went on to develop the largest, fairest, and most respected (not to mention most profitable) news establishments of the 20th century.

While it should be pointed out that at the end of the Reagan/Bush years in 1975 the FCC was still, in a bipartisan way, passing “cross-ownership rules” to prevent print, TV, and radio station ownership concentration, but noted as well that corporate pestering for consolidation and blanket propaganda was in the wind. In States like California, big industry money was learning the mind-bending policies that were soon to take away our democracy. Industries that wished to prevent citizen base propositions from passing (for example; tobacco smoking restrictions) found that they need not take on the whole state. By focusing disproportionately on poorer, less expensive media markets, with repeated misleading advertisements it became possible to bubble the citizens in these markets with slanted realities. Based on this slanted information, our rural citizens made, with this disingenuous information, what they felt were intelligent voting decisions, but that was, for most, later regretted. Furthermore, the political geographic split made both groups of citizens skeptical and even cynical of each other. Corporate powers realized that this divide-and-concur strategy could be greatly enhanced if the media of these neighborhood markets were controlled by ownership rather than advertising budgets.

With the birth and development of the internet during the Clinton/Gore years, Federal legislation was needed so that there could be conformity of rules nationwide. The Republican Congress, acting as if America, in being granted this new technology, should be willing to give something in return, added to the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that the FCC must conduct a biennial review of its media ownership rules "and shall determine whether any of such rules are necessary for the public interest as the result of [new internet] competition." The Commission was ordered to repeal or modify any regulation it determines to be no longer in the public interest. Nonetheless, the thinking of the majority of fair-minded legislators was that the internet would usher in an openness that could not be usurped and would, on its own, counter one-party or oppressive communications. But then in 2003, under the republican George Bush administration, the FCC authorized new media ownership laws that removed many of the restrictions previously imposed to limit ownership of media within a local area. The changes were not, as is customarily done, made available to the public for a comment period.

  • Single-company ownership of media in a given market is now permitted up to 45% (formerly 35%, up from 25% in 1985) of that market.
  • Restrictions on newspaper and TV station ownership in the same market were removed.
  • All TV channels, magazines, newspapers, cable, and Internet services are now counted, weighted based on people's average tendency to find news on that medium but, at the same time, whether a channel actually contains news is no longer considered in counting the percentage of a medium owned by one owner. Both allow market increases in single-company ownership in a given area.
  • Previous requirements for periodic review of licenses have been changed. Licenses are no longer reviewed for "public-interest" considerations.

This is where we have come to; from the “New Deal” FCC, whose whole existence was based on the policy that "the emphasis must be first and foremost on the interest, the convenience, and the necessity of the listening public, and not on the interest, convenience, or necessity of the individual broadcaster or the advertiser, to the (get government of our backs) Republican Parties, “Licenses are no longer reviewed for "public-interest" considerations”.

The result is for all to see and live under; massive consolidation of broadcast media shifting from the old competitive and well respective local news outlets to very few centralized mind-controlling instruments. Not surprisingly, the first media consolidated is in the Republican Parties gerrymandered rural districts where the markets are inexpensive and also distant from competitive news sources. The open internet, once thought to be a light of unrestricted truth has been so inundated with unsubstantiated and intentionally dishonest information, aimed at strategically targeted citizens, that authoritative truth has never been so sorely needed. A democracy, in as large a country as ours, needs several respected sources of nonpartisan information delivered consistently and inclusively to all citizens. This is not a luxury in a democracy, it is a need.

It is worth pointing out at this point that, what makes a strong democracy is a country that is able to see itself openly and scrupulously through its news media. In a dictatorship, one is not allowed to see the state (the real controllers of the state) rather every individual can be viewed and shamed or imprisoned for any real or imagined weakness. In a democracy it is the opposite; the individual has privacy so they might live free and prosperous, and the state power is televised so that weaknesses, in providing that freedom, can be strengthened. In a dictatorship the dignity of the dictator is broadcast; in a democracy, it is the needs and dignity of the people. A dictator is the current winner of a never-ending fight for power through propaganda and wealth accumulation. The President’s office in a democracy is simply a job. A president wants to “see”, along with us, so that things are corrected; problems are an opportunity, their correction a feather in their hat (like health care). Dictators, in their fight to gather and control wealth, become the problem, they destroy communal relationships (like health care, citizenship, unions, public schools and the government itself). As the dictator, in the gathering of his controllable wealth élite, transfers the tax burden away from his rich cronies down to both the poor and working/middle classes, he incorrectly sees his riches, and the overburdensome rents of his minions, as inconsequential to the needs of his country. What he misses is, that (both metaphoric and in reality) their taxing, and increased rents, make it difficult for, let’s say, the carpenter to afford a nail gun, or the secretary a computer, that they take not just the small cost of those items, but the larger prosperity that could have been produced with these tools had the funds not been squandered for centralized wealth and power. Indeed, world history shows us that the more consistently a country changes its leadership the richer the country becomes. Our own wealthy country, with a continually changing government for over 200 years, is one example. That our government has been more or less under the control of the Republican Party for the last 40 years is the reason for the current stagnation of the people’s wealth while the wealth of the Parties minions has skyrocketed. Other countries with dictators like Russia and China have made their greatest economic leaps in the past when the leadership had changed. Both of these countries are now, with their dictators, in the middle of their stagnate years. It is the inherent “dictators’ problem”; the need of milking the many for the few causing an ever-weakening economy. The resulting stagnation of the general population requires more and more control, by the dictator, over what we see, so as to hide his theft (rather than talk about income inequality or living wages; we talk of invading immigration; rather than talk about the anemic economic results caused by exported capital wealth not paying taxes we blame Federal Reserve rates and China imports, and nobody is talking about the ballooning National Debt which is currently hiding this theft). So, when the Republican Party champions so hard for broadcast control, as we have seen above, and uses so extensively fake advertisements, loose lies and panders only to a minority “base” blanketed with false information, as we will see next, they are quacking like a duck, and we must come to the realization they consider themselves our dictators. And we ask when in history has, in the end, a Dictator ever been good?

But surely, you must say, “ if America today is a dictatorship; if things are as bad as portrayed above there must be objective proof that the elections are shams and our collective decision making faulty, irrational and counterintuitive.” Yes. Let’s examine a few changes in the American politic and ask what they mean.

For one, why are so many elections so close? Yes, the past history of our country has had, as one would expect, many nail biters, but they were far and in between. Today they are noticeably much more frequent, almost the norm, what is happening here? If we were to ask a large group of people how they felt about anything (other than politics) a 50 50 vote is very unlikely. Why are we so evenly split? Let us examine the picture below that can seemingly be the only reason.

If one wishes, for example, to pass a law that would only benefit himself at the expense of all others, one develops an advertisement that puts his proposal, fairly or not, in a good light. He puts it out there and conducts a poll to measure the effect of the advertisement. He then calculates how much he spent to get so many results and, with simple math, calculates how much money is needed to get 50% plus a few to be safe. Of course, society gets wind of the campaign and fights back with what resources they can muster, and, with the truth on their side, should trounce the initiative by large margins. But if they do win it always seems to be by the skin of their teeth. If the otherwise free media is purchased and/or beholden to add revenues the only broadcast platform of the people is paid advertisements. Both sides only wish to spend what is needed to get 50% plus. 50% is all you need. The Media has a contradictory incentive in, one, staying neutral and encouraging paid advertised debate on both sides, while two, ignoring the disseminated disinformation of its own broadcast adds which is counter to its fiduciary responsibility to its paid reader and viewership. In this example there is no question that if all the voters could be in one room, hear studied accounts from both sides, the vote would be a landslide against; but when voters are connected only by advertisements whose dueling budgeted goals are to spend only for what is needed for 50% plus, we should not be surprised that it is always close. While this example is simplistic, the overall rendering presented is the only plausible explanation for so many close elections. This reality, so many close elections, is a disconcerting fact to those of us who believe in the need for democracy. It proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, that our voting preferences are controllable. It forces us to look closer at advertisements and our lack of campaign finance laws.

Are advertisements speech? Should they be protected as such? We all know the difference between an exchange of ideas and an advertisement. The first is a search for the logical outcome from reasoned proposals appealing to the intellect, the second is merely associating the proposal, reasoned or not, to things you already like, and in doing so appeals only to your feelings. For civic matters, we would all prefer reason, but for those who wish to control us, reason is counterproductive. If facts are utilized at all in advertisements they are out-of-context props. Indeed, everything in an advertisement is a prop. Props that make you feel good are associated to your own issue or candidate and props that make you feel bad are associated with the opponent. For example; TV adds that associate your issue with patriotism, a strong economy, and flowers, would also associate the opponents’ objections with selfishness, poverty, and weeds. When the voter gets ready to vote he will FEEL good about your issue and bad towards the opposition. That gut feeling comes without remembering the advertisement or why you should or should not feel that way; it’s just the way you feel. This is not democracy; it is mind control, it is, to use the old fashion phrase, brainwashing. And the strangest thing is how we gather our funds during the voting season, and give to our favorite candidate or cause to do what? Brainwash ourselves; or even more contemptible, brainwash others? In doing so we admit that money, not speech controls us. The extraordinary amount of close elections is glaring proof of voter mind control. In the face of this history, the Republican party’s, and its handpicked judges, repeated and obstinate opposition to campaign finance laws is proof of their anti-democratic intentions and their treasonous bent.

The second proof that we have lost our democracy is the split voting preferences between rural and metropolitan America. Are we really that different; we that live under the same flag, we have the same history, served in the same armed forces, same religions, play the same sports? We all have the same mixes of different people and customs and preferences, living in equally segregated areas. (And we both naturally feel bad about the segregation but both live that way in spite.) Additionally, both the big cities and the country have their mix of very separated, and very unequal rich and poor areas. True, the country has more farming and the cities more construction; so what? We suffer the same recessions and enjoy the same business expansions at the same time and at the same extremes. We all love the same big country and most of us vote, not directly for ourselves but for our united states.

The single biggest difference in our voting preferences is reflected in the different realities we are shown through targeted broadcast media. In the cities where commercial markets provide a variety of competing and expensive media outlets, we vote one way; in the country, where markets are small and easily controlled by out of town, city money, we have a different reality and a different vote. Even with the internet it is only partially true that people can control what they see; the reality is that there are many ways in which the screen controls what you see and consequently controls what you think and how you act. The worst outcome from this targeted advertisement is that they divide us geographically into two opposing countries. We often seem to be talking down to each other when in fact our problems are the same and the cries for a solution united. In fact, solutions are easy, it is the disingenuous narrative of the problems, advertised by those who cause the problems but hope to hide their guilt, which leads to unconfirmed finger-pointing. (like corporate money, earned by profiting from low paid, powerless, employees, supporting politicians who blame only the immigrant) Political kumbaya talk of bringing the country together without addressing, indeed ignoring, this split-geographic mind-control dilemma is like moping the floor without unstopping the toilet. In the end, it doesn’t matter who is brainwashed, and who isn’t, it only matters that it is happening. If it is happening to any of us it’s affecting all of us. That targeted campaigning for our votes exists, indeed is the norm, is proof that tactics have replaced the need of good policies. When good policies take a back seat to tactics, like feeling-inducing advertisements, not to mention gerrymandering, restrictive voter registration policies, citizenship questions on the national census; policies no longer mater. Think of this; the Republican Party uses all of the tactics, and yet has no positive government policies and the Republicans are in power.

For the third proof let us look at the country’s current understanding of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. As written, in English, it is clearly a community right given to the States, and by extension, as well as practiced tradition, to all state charted, voting bodies the right to control their own “well-regulated” police forces. Not only is it not an individual right, but the one-sentence law prohibits any individual right that would override the right of the “people”. Since virtually every American today, from some Supreme Court justices to gun-toting self-proclaimed freedom fighters, believes it to be an individual right it is a good study in mass mind-bending; or, again, the old fashion word, brainwashing. Please consider:

If When you read the amendment, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed", and you did not see, or consider, the first four words, nor the next eight-word phrase, which is clearly the purpose of the amendment, your brain has been conditioned to not see and/or ignore things that are clearly there. Furthermore, if you read the plural word “people” and you misperceive it with the singular word “person” or “citizen” your brain has been taught to see things differently than they, in reality, are. Finally, if you can’t connect “shall not be infringed” with the right guaranteed to the “free State” (with a capital S), which is the creation of the “people” (people with a small p) then your brain, with all due respects, is as moldable as Jell-O! Honestly, the next thing the gun lobby will have us believe is that the preamble of the constitution “We the people…in order to form a more perfect union” is a call to anarchy rather than self-government.

The result of this mind control is devastation. We all know the numbers of deaths happening daily because of the proliferation of these weapons. Even with the mass school shootings we are paralyzed, like a deer in headlights, because we are brainwashed into believing that the founding fathers would have written something preventing us from governing ourselves. It might well be the right of the State, by the vote of the people, to train and arm every citizen, but it is equally the right of the people to have, and control their own “well regulated” police and, to some degree of sensibility, disarm everyone else. This common sense is not a partisan issue! This is an issue between the morality of safe-community-minded, peace-loving, law-abiding citizens vs the non-morality of the corporation, and/or other uncontrollable man-gangs. We have this gun death problem because of the people-killing-machinery lobby, with their disingenuous, flag-waving, advertisements, having changed us from who we have been for over 200 years to what, today makes them rich, and us dumb and dead. It is a humiliating example of victorious cooperate greed; the shackling of our minds with false broadcasted information, controlling the people’s spending that they purchase their own ill-health and demise rather than a free-minded people controlling a more rational amount, and type, of corporate production.

Some day in the future, when our reinstated democracy gives our understanding back, the temporary loss of the second amendment right of the “people” to govern themselves concerning law enforcement and the proliferation of mass people-killing-machinery will be a civic lesion on how illiterate and ignorant mass advertisement can make us! For now, with a careful, complete, reading of the amendment, it is another verification, to the reality that we have lost the democracy our founding fathers have wished for us to inherit.

And on the subject of corporate greed, and its mind-bending complex, and how it affects our morality let’s turn to climate change. Man-made climate change is a fact; both because of empirical evidence and today’s real-world weather trajectory. Everyone knows it; everyone in the world knows it, scientist have known it, mayors of every city in the world know it, corporations know it, the Defense Department among other US Departments know it, animals know it, even Trump and the Republican party know it; but these last two lie about it. The minions of the Republican Party lie because they are paid to lie, and they are subjugated and beholden to those who will reap large sums of our wealth if the destruction of the living conditions of our planet is ignored. That this destruction is so willingly denied by so large a minority of our citizens is a disheartening proof of the disinformation media that exists today. There is nothing so human as our desire to improve the lives of our children; it is why we are here today. There is nothing so characteristic of the corporate domain then profits at the expense of others. That, on this issue of climate change alone, so many of us humans can side with corporate expedience at the loss of our most human characteristic is untethered proof of twisted minds.

Last but not least, the proof that we have lost our democratic heritage is the presidential election of 2016. History will look back at this election outcome as the day, we as a country, realized we have lost our ability to vote with the slightest degree of a good sense. Being a president of the United States is a job that takes a skill set best earned by a life involved in both domestic and international government affairs. In light of this, it is not at all partisan to see the Trump win as an absurd mistake. Let’s look at the choices.

She had graduated top of her class in some of the most prestigious schools in America. She was a lawyer, a wife of a State governor and US President. As such she fought the health care insurance industry at a time it was strangling our whole economy. She was elected a Senator of New York and served as Sectary of State for President Obama. She wrote a book entitled “It Takes a Village” and in spite of the fallings of her husband, fought to keep her family together. As Secretary of State, she was well respected by the leaders of the free world and despised by the world’s despots. With her family, she established and ran a world-class non-profit organization to fight the spread of AIDs that was highly regarded for its work and its low administration costs. In running for president, she was completely open, publicizing her tax returns and public history. She was fully prepared with fully publicized policy directions, transition teams, and an experienced network of government professionals ready to go to work on day one.

He, on the other hand, threatened to sue anyone releasing his school grades from the good school he attended. He paid a doctor to lie for him so that he could escape the Vietnam draft. He started in business with millions of his family’s wealth and had a very checkered success with notable bankruptcies. Later he did profit from branding his name to the work of others and a TV reality show based on firing all but one person. He pushed the birther issue against the first black president of our country. He wrote a book called, “The Art of the Deal” and traded in two older wives for younger models and had a lawyer to cover up extramarital affairs. He harbored business relationships with those who had financial dealings in Russia with people close to Putin and who would later be found guilty of several political and financial crimes. With his family he established and ran a non-profit organization as a tax shelter. He was the first modern presidential candidate that refused to release his tax returns, His only policy was to build walls and oppose any accomplishment or policy of his opponent with the mendacious promise that he had something better. As a candidate he bitterly complained about the cost of his legally required transition team and fired them all on day one. He became a rookie president with his only team of experts being deceiving advertisement men and felonious Russian operatives.

This is not a criticism of our good citizens in our rural communities that overwhelmingly voted for him. For one, what I just described above is not what they saw, as will be clarified below; and secondly, we should realize that if it were the case, that the powers that won this election needed 50% of the popular vote, or if they needed to win California or New York, they could have bamboozled the rest of us just as they twisted our countryside populations; it would of just cost them more money. Through the perverse world of advertising, the biggest liar is most often the winner. The Republican primaries of 2016 were a good example of how it works, as the Trump team went from state to state their only focus was to destroy the character of the front running opponent, one at a time, with negative misleading propaganda. This is nothing new to the Republican Party, in fact, this is their well-practiced method of operation, as even at this time, the Party was engaged in the character assassination of Secretary Clinton, the apparent democratic candidate. In winning the Republican nomination Trump proved himself as being the best liar, and that is exactly what the Republican Party (whether they wish to admit it or not) needs. It is true that many good Republicans were appalled by the outcome; after all, they were soon to find out that Trump won with the cyber support, not of perceivable good American international corporations, but of the Russian army, and they have the grief of now seeing the resulting peril they have plunged this country with their long-term destruction of American democracy. But in the end, it didn’t seem to matter to the Party if the resulting candidate is without merit, or financially compromised to a foreign interest. Aren’t we all compromised, admits every signer-of-no-tax-increases-on-the-rich-only republican officials? Anyway, the character of the Republican candidate never matters; the simple election strategy is to make the opponent seem worse.

Such were the efforts already underway against the character of Secretary Clinton. The drum beat about emails, as the crime of all crimes, “Lock HER Up”, was so repetitive that, even today, every American brain hates to even hear the issue brought up; even if we know better, it FEELS really bad. While it is portrayed as a national security failure, the irony is that every utterance of Secretary Clinton that was deposited on government hard drives has been hacked by the Russians and published through Russians control of, and with the urging of Trump, “Wikileaks”. On the other hand, the emails on Clinton’s private server have remained the only uncompromised conversations of the state department. She should be applauded for her ability to protect this sensitive information, but to the Republicans, this was a crime to which we should lock up a political opponent. And there was “Benghazi,”a deadly attack on brave heroes going into harm’s way to encourage peaceful democracy. To blame this on the Secretary would be like blaming 9-11 on President Bush. Both attacks were against our country and our democracy; to use either as a political tool to divide the country, as is used by the Republican Party, is a treasonous act in that it is the very goal of the enemy attack. Additionally, there were literally millions of emails sent to American voters by the Russian Army, disguised as coming from American citizens, describing Secretary Clinton as physically diseased and morally despicable. To gun sportsman she was a liberal coming for their guns, for military voters she compromised national security secrets with unprotected emails, to Christian audiences she was personally responsible for KILLING MILLIONS of UNBORN CHILDREN (yes they did use all capitals) and to those into conspiracy theories, the Clintons were enriching themselves with a child slavery business in a pizza house in downtown New York. They even included the address. These were the apparitions that twist the minds of our fellow rural citizens that we in the city are not so pestered with. So, in the end, it is just a matter of how much money and brainwashing is needed on election day to get the desired effect., and the more of the media they own the less it costs and the more of us that will be subjugated.

The Republican Party did not win the 2016 Presidential election; they stole it. It was the Republicans plan to steal it no matter who the rich man, or woman, nominated. It is the Republican Party that has Gerrymandered us. It is the Republican party that has opposed campaign finance reforms and championed, with laws and judges, the right of big money to influence us. It is the Republican party that has crippled labor unions from raising political money and at the same time unfettered international conglomerates to propagandize at will. It is the Republican Party that uses restrictive voter registration laws to suppress the vote of the poor. True, it might make some Republicans happier if the 2016 theft had been accomplished by the money of an American named corporation, but in the end, the Russian army was just a different multinational business. A prostitute can’t always choose her John.

With this last thought, it is time for a quick review. In the last section, we saw how laws have been changed to increase the consolidation and wealth gathering of the international corporations giving them unbearable control over our country, if not the world. In this section, we examined changes that transferred the broadcast industry from public control to corporate control and with the examples above, at the very least, shown the effect to be substantial. Finally, we review the three major structures that have developed as a result of these broadcast media changes; how they operate, both separately and together, and in doing so, how they have changed the morality of our country. Those structures are the Political Action Committees (PACs), the consolidated broadcast local stations, and the Fox Network being nothing more than the propaganda machine for corporate pirating. These structures of the corporate bandits feed and control the Republican Party through cooperative propaganda, which in turn, nourishes their existence with protecting and lucrative laws and contracts. In this examination, it will be shown that these mind-bending consortiums can be erased, not by restricting our free speech rights, but simply by the elimination of the Republican Party; for these money inflated structures-of-deception are like the wheels of a car; there is no need for the wheels if there is no car.

Political Action Committees

Let’s first look at PACs, for it is largely the efforts of the gun industry PAC that, as noted above, has erased the second amendment from our constitution while vigorously calming to be its protector. This particular PAC, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and others owe their existence to laws crafted allowing unlimited funds to be collected by anonymous donors to “educate” the public, supposable, free from partisan politics. The NRA, which started as a well-respected industry association for the advancement of gun sports and animal hunting equipment, then sought further financial gain, by also adding the selling of people killing equipment to their trade mission. Should we have a government of the people that can rationally debate the social advantages or disadvantages of privately-owned people-killing-equipment, the PAC would be a valued participant along with others we might well be advised by, like the healthcare industry and law enforcement associations, in regulating such ownership. What gave the NRA so much power was the reciprocal relationship between them and the Republican Party. The goal of the Party is to retain power by preaching patriotism, while tactically furthering corporate pilfering, and the goal of the association was to expand the profits of the killing equipment industry by making the ownership of such equipment seem super patriotic. A match made in hell. So successful was the NRA in making the ownership of mass people-killing-equipment a patriotic right (even a responsibility)and making this one issue to be the most important reason that one should or should not vote for a candidate, that the other industries, rather than form their own political machinery for corporate “freedom” simply attached themselves with additional funding to the NRA. So wittingly or not, the whole corporate world (yes international corporate world) participated in this mind-twisting, Orwellian, success of both trashing our local governmental second amendment right to police ourselves and wounding democracy herself with the same shot.

The answer to this and other PACs is not to limit their (or our) free speech, but to have campaign finance reforms that elevate the exchange of ideas so that, at election time, they cannot be overpowered by industry circuses and media propaganda. An election should be a place where the false perceptions of self-serving interest are challenged by the lessons of the past, and hopeful visions of the future. The Republican Party, as we have seen, has only everything to loss by examining the past like; “law and order” jailing of our audacious youth, two major recessions due to the removal of finance regulations, repeated fiscal irresponsibility, environmental degradation, Gerrymandering, judge stacking, and there only vision of the future is no working government for the people but for an imperial police and army controlled by themselves. As the Republican Party continuous their journey down this path, it is more and more dependent on the false patriotism of NRA like PACs, and like tobacco addicts, feels an ever-increasing predisposition for more. Consequently, both the Party and the corporations find themselves more and more compromised with each other. Good corporations and well-meaning congresspersons back out, while the more ruthless, domestic or foreign entities, take root. Today we even find, partnering in this consortium, anti-democratic foreign governments like Putin’s army wishing to destroy our democracy by playing the free world against each other. Even while the proud early history of the Republican Party makes this harsh reality difficult; this Party must, today, be put to rest. With the voting destruction of the Republican Party, we will firstly rid ourselves of this corporate-sponsored, even treasonous, mind-twisting by making it irrelevant without its mirrored lawmakers. We will also send a cautionary message to other parties that might choose to attach brainwashing to their political power grabs. But most importantly, with the absence of the law-selling Republican Party, we, without any damage to free speech, deflate the PACs back to just hardworking salesmen.

Consolidated Local Broadcast Stations

The second leg of this three-part mind distortion in our country has been the purchase and control of the broadcast media. In other non-democratic countries, the media is openly controlled by the government. From the outside, it is easy to see the effects that such ownership, with its orchestrated realities, can have on controlling the minds of its citizens. Not so easy, is seeing these same effects on us. What makes it so deadly in America is that, given our past free press history, it is so unexpected. It is also unexpected because the government, in this country, does not control the media, but if the powers that control our government also control the media, it can have the same oppressing effect.

But before we examine the similarities of direct corporate control of the media, it is appropriate to point out a large difference in how the corporate world has, for the last half-century, controlled, or tried to control us, as opposed to government media control of the more historically entrenched dictatorships. Entrenched dictators simply imprison, or kill, their political opponents and justify or hide the fact of their barbaric actions through the control of their media; despotism accomplished. In this country with a history and a press that has made this unacceptable, we instead, for the purpose of corporate control, imprison our poor and deny citizenship to a large portion of our workers. We have, by far, the largest imprisoned population in the world (as well as in all of world history) and the number of, non-voting, second class citizens working in this country is unreasonably high. Both, the increased rate of US imprisonment and the rise of a noncitizen workforce has been in lockstep with the voting success of the corporate inspired “Ragin Revolution”. It is the product of decades of cooperate internment of individual freedom from the bottom up. With this difference clarified, we turn now to examine the commonality of both the traditional dictators’ goals and those of the International Corporate Republican Party with the wholesale monopolistic purchase of our broadcast media. That commonality is to instill cooperate and/or authoritarian believes of morality over individualism and family morality, but to communicate that perverse morality as if it is a part of our culture; that it comes from us.

The first example of this was during the Bush/Cheney war on Iraq when Clear Channel stations acquired ownership of over 1,200 radio stations controlling a lion share of country and western stations. As we will examine, the simple goal with this control was to increase blind patriotism so as to counter any objective questions of the Iraqi war. Encouraged by the FCC dropping of its media consolidation concerns, such “non-news” radio assets proved an inexpensive way to install a feel-good no-questions-asked attitude about our corporate-controlled government. While we all feel good about our country, and C&W music has a long-standing tradition of singing of our civic pride, the Clear Station mantra was to conflate Government action, no matter how questionably to traditional American values, with Country pride. In a democracy, we all love our country but our government must earn our respect; In a dictatorship, the strategy is to get the people to FEEL that they, and the government, are one and the same. The dictator, as well as those who control Clear channel, have no problem using the culture of the people to affect that feeling. So, here is how it worked in the Bush administration.

To put this subterfuge into context, let us first draw a metaphoric picture of how the Bush/Cheney government acted and then plug in the reality. Let’s say someone of authority yells fire so all exit the house and the authority enters with no hose. In the end, there is no fire but something of value is missing from the house and the same man of authority who wrongly yelled fire has the missing value. Circumstantial evidence would make him most certainly worthy of investigation. If through, through popular song the praise of the authorities’ valor and integrity; broadcasted to a degree that we all FEEL his irrefutable integrity, then investigation is more problematic. We FEEL his honesty and FEEL investigations are just political badgering against OUR country; against ourselves.

So, in real history, Vice President Cheney and several hawkish administrators; bellowed of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, WMDs, with dishonest information. And even when the information was proved false by the UN prior to their attack, they attacked Iraq anyway, with no plan to look for WMDs, but plans to secure their oil fields and nothing else. Then, quickly before Iraq can form a new government, Cheney meets with Russia and France and informs them they no longer have their oil contracts and delivers the oil instead to an American International oil company to which he has had (and perhaps still does) ties. This might warrant investigation. But the country was awash in, 9/11, Country-n-Western patriotism; We were all about the bravery of our American soldier who sacrificed their lives for our safety and for world freedom. NPR reported off a poll, at the time, that found only 10% of Americans believed the Iraq war had anything to do with oil, while the same pollsters found that 90% of those in Iraq felt the war was only about stealing their oil. The job of our brave and moral American soldier trying, in their minds, to secure a democracy for Iraq, was made all the more difficult by this, what do we call it, misunderstanding? Our torturing of Iraqi prisoners, not from our soldiers, but from Washington, further cemented a negative view of our operations. As a consequence, our brave soldiers were fighting the equally brave Iraqi soldiers, both sacrificing their lives for their perceived freedoms. Was it all just over oil?

The answer is not that hard to investigate. History needs us to compare the prewar oil contracts that Iraq had with France and Russian oil companies and how the new American deal was either an advantage or a disadvantage, for the people of Iraq. A skeptic might wonder that if it were an advantage to the Iraqi people, we would have been wise to publicize our good intentions on their behalf; that our silence masked bad intentions and the predatory goals of Vice President Cheney. But it is not too late to resolve this misunderstanding; these oil transfers are done in writing, money is transferred in banks, were the actions of our Cheney government respectful of the extraordinary good intentions of President Bush and the sacrifices of our soldiers, or not? Yet, for all the investigative reporting on the war, and the miseries of both sides, investigating the international oil company contract is somehow considered private, and beyond reproach, and besides they are “American” oil companies. So, we chant USA, USA … bury our dead, blacklist the Dixie Chicks” and sing “I am proud to be an American…” in stride with our Country and Western radio station purchased so as to sing of the valor and integrity of the Republican Parties government as if they are us.

It is worth speculating, at this point, about how Russia’s Putin must have felt about losing his Iraq oil contract. After getting over the temporary humiliation he must have thought, “So this is so-called American democracy. You get a “Name”, like Bush, like an avatar, to run for President. You win by destroying the reputation of your opponents. You then have at your disposal the largest military in the world. Who has a name in America who will run as a friend of Russia?

But that was then, the Bush years, today corporate propaganda assets have stepped up to higher grounds. No longer satisfied with just radio stations the new push is the purchase of the rural TV stations so as to control the local news. One doesn’t have to wonder why the value of all these small-market stations is now so valuable to big city conglomerates; it is certainly not so they can sell toothpaste! With every additional station comes blanket control of world news and editorial control. With mind grabbing optics and text, of strategically picked news stories, they have the means to control, in the minds of their viewers, the “outside” reality. The Republican Party by providing for such broadcast consolidation can now be the recipient of “chicken-little” propaganda which allows corporate money to saddle our world view as dangerous without their protection and safety when under them. An example of this safe-with-us logic was laid bare by a news commentary mashup that all Sinclair owned news stations were required to read; read as if it were their own thoughts. Here is the following site address for the mashup.

We linger on this and ask you to review the mashup below, not because, in itself, it is the worst thing to ever befall democracy but because, as you will see and FEEL, it’s a picture of the true hidden deceitful and hypocritical intent treacherously masked as our American heritage of objective and honest local broadcasting.

Hi, I’m (A) ____________, and I’m (B) _________________…

(B) Our greatest responsibility is to serve our ____________ community(s). We are extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that _______ News produces.

(A) But we’re concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

(B) More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories… stories that just aren’t true, without checking facts first.

(A) Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’…This is extremely dangerous to a democracy.

(B) At _______it’s our responsibility to pursue and report the truth. We understand Truth is neither politically ‘left nor right.’ Our commitment to factual reporting is the foundation of our credibility, now more than ever.

(A) But we are human and sometimes our reporting might fall short. If you believe our coverage is unfair please reach out to us by going to and clicking on CONTENT CONCERNS. We value your comments. We will respond back to you.

(B) We work very hard to seek the truth and strive to be fair, balanced and factual… We consider it our honor, our privilege to responsibly deliver the news every day.

(A) Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback.

What is terribly uncomfortable is how each human speaks to us as if it is a personal heartfelt conviction, a one on one, custom view of one community member to another. “our greatest responsibility is to serve our _____________ community. In reality, the persons reading the script have no firsthand knowledge as to wither or not the words from their outside organization is truthful in its claim to serve the local community nor “seek the truth and strive to be fair”, but they are, as a condition of employment, required to read, as if actors, or more precisely avatars, as if they are personably part of the local team seeking that fairness. He/she/they lament on how social media is filled with “one-sided” fake news that has plagued our country. In unison they all speak as one,” this is extremely dangerous to our democracy.” The irony is that the one-sidedness of the Sinclare corporation is well known as you can review both on the site with the mashup as well as may other sources. That the well-known creator of fake news, with its “must-run segments” would broadcast a simulated but fictitious local editorial, disingenuously parading for local broadcast freedom is rich with mockery. For the same reasons the Russian Army masqueraded as fellow American citizens, knowing that their robotic messages about Hillary would go unheard were they to openly show their personage, the international corporation masks itself as the local broadcaster. Free speech should allow the Sinclair corporation to have there well-identified statements read on their media stations; frees speech should also allow a member of each station to editorialize, but it is not free speech for a seemingly personal editorial to be scripted by someone else. What is made clear by the mash-up, but unclear by each individual broadcast, is that the centralized corporation, controlled by, who knows who will control the speech but masquerade it as the thoughts of a local community citizen. As if they are you.

With that being said, it is probably the case that most of the times these compromised stations will run free and useful news and information to their local market most of the time. For, after all, centralized Corporate power does not need your brain all of the time. It is primarily at the months leading up to an election that the machine will sell itself to the highest bidder; to the one who plans to fleece the governed in the grandest way.

So, shouldn’t the “Left”, the “Progressives” and the “Liberals” have their own “Sinclair” and compete in the brain-washing arena with our own slanted news. Far lefties do amass a significant, though minor, tells-us-what-we-want-to-hear market for broadcasting messaging. Fortunately, most liberals and Independents, for reasons we will now look at, will have nothing to do with it, so attempts in those directions have been lackluster at best.

In short, we do not wish to “brainwash” ourselves. To this point, a paragraph must be devoted to the word Liberal; as in the “liberal” press. As we will see, it is germane to this subject, because the international corporate broadcasting (like Sinclair and Fox) defines liberals of having an agenda to which is opposed to conservatism, and that they are simply the fair and balancing viewpoint on the other side. But in fact, the much-maligned “Liberal” view-point like conservatism is not a political stand or position they are just adjectives. The meaning of the word liberal is a respect for ideas different than your own. Tolerant, unprejudiced, unbigoted, broad-minded and enlightened are all synonyms of the adjective liberal. The word conservative means aversion to change; traditional. There is nothing wrong with being either open-minded or traditional; indeed many of us are both. Even when used as nouns, or flags, they are in themselves A-political, meaningless positions allowing any definition one needs. There is no “Father” of liberalism or conservatism and there is no Liberal or Conservative manifesto. But the flag of conservatism is always picked up by the federation in power and liberals are the outsiders. Liberals, hated by both the left and the right, simply ask, “what is the problem and what is the solution”? Even when we are embedded in a personal cause, like climate change or fiscal responsibility of tax rates, we are willing and eager to understand the views of others. We find no shame in trying a solution, from our camp or the others, that, in the end, does not solve the problem; because we all learn it and then support trying something else. For example, when the “Reagan Revolution” put forward the concept that a lower tax rates would spur the economy leading to increases in productivity, and consequently, higher tax revenues making up for the lower rate, we, as a country, said, “sounds good, let’s give it a try”. In fact, it did not work and both Reagan and later President Bush (in spite of campaign promises) found ways to increase taxes to correct the increasing public debt. It was then tried again by the next President Bush and did not work, and in spite of that, it is today being repeated by President Trump and if the future repeats the past, the resulting high government debt will be the reason for the third Republican business recession, ending the, longest in history, Obama expansion. Americans with a memory, were not being political, or liberal, or conservative, when they opposed the Trump tax cuts, we were just opposed to doing something that, history tells us, will help very few, while weakening the country as a whole. In neither policies or goals, liberals are not opposite too, nor opposed too “conservative ideas”; we are just opposed to repeating mistakes. As in this case, as in all other, bi-partisan discussions between liberal and true conservatives; they only today take place within the Democratic party. The Republican party is only about theft and control; there is nothing remotely conservative about them. The gridlock today between Democrats and Republicans is not partisan. It is a fight for the survival of American democracy against the Republican party’s constitutional shedding dictatorship. History will remember that in the mid-20th century when our government was largely controlled by liberals (most of the Democratic Party) there fairness and respect to the Republican Party was roundly hated by the far-left as being appeasers to those who would destroy us if we give them a chance. Nonetheless, it is a long-standing American tradition to be Liberal. Being Liberal is why we have an enduring tradition of just a two-party system. We hate being divided into smaller ideological camps that see with their theories rather than their eyes. The best, all-time measurement, as to how far away any ideologue, left or right, has removed himself from reality has always been measured by their hatred of Liberals, and the hatred of the so-called Liberal press.

And there are a number of repeated messages from Sinclair broadcasting as well as other “social media” republicans like “Breitbart news” and other outlets of the Republican Party. For example, if you are a registered Republican, but question any republican actions you are a “RINO” (Republican in name only); if you are an independent voter you are chided as being liberal and liberals are portrayed as being appeasers to those who would destroy us if we give them a chance. The biggest difference between the past Liberal control of our government and now, the Republican control, is today’s complete breakdown in the norms of democracy within the government. That the old Republican Party has allowed itself to be controlled, not by good tax-paying, socially concerned individuals, businesses and corporations, but by only those with corrupt intent (to put it mildly) is the root cause of today’s turmoil. When the corrupt lay down the money they expect a return, and they won’t let a little thing like democracy get in their way.

Because of this, we can understand why those who control the Republican party, fought for media consolidation and how useful it has been and will be in twisting the knowledge of its viewers. When the political party that is not beholden to the pirating Corporations regain political power, reversing the media consolidation should be high on the agenda. While monopoly consolidation of any industry is generally bad; monopoly consolidation of the broadcast industry is a treasonous affront to democracy. As we again note in all three of these evils, PACs, media consolidation, and Fox broadcasting, they are tools attached, and a part of the Republican Party machine so as to control the laws and purse strings of the country. Voting the treasonous-to-democracy Republican Party out of existence will make controlling the minds of the gerrymandered districts pointless and the stations will be set free to again cover news through their traditional local lenses.

Fox News- Bad News for America

Back in what we might now call the Walter Cronkite news era; back when the news, by our traditional broadcasters, was considered a public responsibility rather than entertainment, the news delivery was done in a somewhat dull and tedious monotone that disguised any emotion of whether or not the news was good or bad – it was just the news. The oblivious reason for this practice was that any hint of favoritism could concern the viewer that the news itself was partisan. The assumption was, that the thoughts and emotions that the news might, or should, evoke should be those of the viewer and not those of the news station.

Emotions. It’s been said that emotions are the food of the soul; we certainly crave them. Humans provision their need for these emotions in several ways; looking deeply into the eyes of our loved ones, looking at nature, art, playing or watching sports, listing to music, going to church to name a few. perhaps the worst way to ingest your emotions is by way of news programing; and certainly, it should never be a substitute. But just a casual sampling of the Fox News and commentary gives you pause to wonder about its purpose; is it news, emotional entertainment or even something else? Inserting emotions into the news has two very insidious effects, both to the great advantage of the broadcaster while providing only a visceral buy temporary fix for the viewer.

First, when the news is crafted to be passionate, moving, arousing, disturbing, entertaining, or emotional, it increases ratings. By increasing ratings, it leads to an appearance that emotional news is better and more helpful to the viewer who, in turn, is rewarding it with popularity. It may be some time before the viewer realizes that the slanted news was, in fact, misleading and detrimental to his personal wellbeing and his life choices. By that time the addicted emotional fix might be hard to exit. Second, to increase the emotions it requires trimming the news to fit the entertainment. Where serious news attempts to ignore judgment and emotions so as to focus on balanced news completeness, entertainment news shapes the news into their drama show. While this might be an editing problem, it becomes an advantage if your goal is to sell the news. That is, for a fee, alter the reality of the viewers or readers, on behalf of the ownership dogma. As we will review below, that with the deregulation of the broadcast industry at the end of the century, Fox News entered into and pioneered this new field of biased entertainment and emotion-driven manufactured news. We will see that it did so with a clear intent of delivering control of the Republican Party to corporate authoritarianism and through the communist like control of the party, the destruction of our democracy into a one-party state. While every news story could be individually justified as worthy information from a, so identified, conservative and/or religious point of view, the stitched-together history of these segments reveals a different insidious intent. Based on the history we will recount below the sole purpose of the Fox broadcasting organization is to destroy American democracy and degrade ourselves from a functioning democracy to a country of corporate-controlled cows.

With the purchase by News Corporation, in 1985, a media company owned by the Australian publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch, Fox News came on the scene with the intention of being the 4th US network. In 1985 Ronald Reagan was in the middle of his presidency and the Raegan Revolution. Their newsroom screen format, which they described as cutting-edge, state-of-the-art should have been a clue as to the nature of the enterprise; it was certainly different. Split screens, music, and flags waving, and the crawl, that is, the typed information along the bottom of the screen. Before going forward we should say a couple of things about this type of platform.

What could the purpose of so much information at one time be? Humans have evolved to both talk and have internal thoughts at the same time. These thoughts balances what the speaker is saying with his own history of reality. With the old-style news broadcasting, this guarded relationship was maintained. With Fox’s “modern” format; that of more information than your brain can keep up with, you are induced to stop having your own thoughts and default into simply an input recorder. If there is ill intent, it allows the broadcaster to sway your feelings about each news item or each person in the news without reason. For example, give me the crawl alone, and only let us report the weather, and still one could affect how you feel about issues and people simply by giving thunderstorms to some and sunshine to others. You will not remember the details of the weather but, with repeated associations, your brain will register unexplainable feelings, “gut feelings”, about those issues or people.

With these brain shifting dangers of the platform noted let’s now examine the Fox news/commentaries past by starting with the Fox-issue leading up to the 2018 midterm elections. In October, of that year, Fox and friends reported that America was facing an attack of central American immigrants coming in “caravans”. It was almost simultaneous; Fox’s breaking news of the Caravans and the unexplainable, and unreported (by Fox and others), large number of social media bots, sent to citizens in central American countries misrepresenting itself as coming from a respected lawmaker, suggesting the safety and opportunistic strategy of a “Caravan” of people overpowering the United States immigration system. While these, so-called, Caravans were meager and small at the beginning Fox news was there to publicize it with the very “Caravan” word used in the unreported bots. President Trump was quick to complain that Obama-no-wall-Democratic border policies made the US incapable of protecting our borders. Who would have guessed it, in light of this obsessive reporting and compulsive talk-a-trons, the caravans get bigger? What a concept; for people ravaged by drought and a lack of basic laws to come together and overwhelm the border system thereby getting entry to the US. Before the Fox media blitzes immigration apprehensions at the border from these countries were less than 50,000, after bots and Fox's hysterical news reporting it increased to well over a hundred thousand per month. What are we saying here? That Fox created the news? That Fox, the Republican Party and the President had conspired to encourage illegal immigration just for midterm political ammunition for the Republican-wall-building-Trump-candidates? By what proof can you make this assertion?

Before we examine the proof, we should stop for a moment and analyze why we should all tend NOT to believe what we are about to see. It is just hard for a good people to imagine any group of humans with such a callous, non empathetic moral fiber that they would conspire to send thousands of human families on a life-threatening journey with the intentions of pestering our country into stopping them at the border, as if they were an invading army. To harbor the ruin of thousands of families for midterm votes is unmanageable cruel. So, how could we be saying such a thing of Fox and Friends?

Indeed, if this were one event, happening in a vacuum it would seem to be just an unfortunate firestorm of unintended consequences; but Fox is not in a vacuum. Were we to find, as we review below, that creating emotional news issues that pit humans against humans is a very common mainstay of Fox broadcasting, and that the Caravan story has all the hallmarks of such foolery, then we must conclude, by all but the most Unreasonable doubt that the story is another example of their inhumane cold-hearted nature. Admittedly, for news to be partisan for an economic philosophy or moral vision, is perhaps not great, but reasonable; but to be partisan simply for one-party rule, that is abating and participating in the overthrow of our government is something altogether different. Let’s examine the history of Fox not reporting news but, seemingly manufacturing the news, and that how the harm to the poor humans today, knocking at our border doors, is only the tip of the iceberg.

In Fox’s history of division, perhaps the most persistent wedge has been dividing us between the reasoned outcome of respected “experts” as reported on traditional broadcast media and, for whatever reason, how Fox and the Republican Party find a need, to have us to think to the contrary. They counter a mountain of peer-reviewed, scientific evidence with a molehill of corruptible opinion talk; talked over and over again. No matter how obvious the facts Fox has a counter expert (like the anti-expert) to first portray the proof as a mistake, and then, that falling in time, they make it to be a partisan lie. From climate change, to “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, to immigration reform, fair taxation, to judge staking and gerrymandering, to Russian hijacking of our election, this is a consistent Fox progression. Even more humiliating then first confusing our reality, and secondly repeating their falsehoods over and over again, is there final gambit where they ask, “don’t you get tired of those experts talking down to you?”. The formula is this; as long as the Fox screen and the Republican Party speak in lockstep unison, you, the individual are on too small a platform to see the truth

And then there was the “Tea Party” movement. The rise of this movement, we can now surmise, was never “grassroots”. It was a Fox and Friends, created and advertised assault against the Democratic President fighting to save the country, indeed the free world, from economic collapse. It was noted by many that the Tea Party and Foxes complaining about the increase in the national debt due to the bailouts of the finance industry and government spending on “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects was like the arson complaining about the fireman using too much water. Nonetheless, the Republican Party temporarily closed down the government to save our children from the excesses of today’s spenders (and they were not talking about climate). If the Tea Party were indeed a bottom-up organization it would still be around today. And just as they railed for fiscal conservatism against Obama, they would certainly oppose the Trump tax cuts to the rich and privileged prior to the national debt being paid down. That they are no longer around to do so is because Fox has dismissed them! What is clear, with this hindsight, is that Fox used all these good people; to first, gain control of statehouses, to then gerrymander the country, to now have absolute control of our country and to pilfer our economy by allowing international corporations to pay little or no taxes while the dept (for which the Tea Party citizens rightly worried about) continues, for no good economic reason, its climb to uncharted heights. That a TV station can get so many good freedom-loving Americans to travel hundreds of miles to protest vehemently against an issue when one party is in power, and then completely dismiss them as the Republican Party takes power to, not only continue the same deficit governance but to do so simply to line the pockets of the international wealth class should be a clear image of Fox puppeteering people into fighting for their collective poverty. It is again not far removed from the Caravan story.

There are several other issues that from time to time Fox brings into focus and then discards until the needs of Fox arises; there is the election year only “war on Christmas”, there are the “Culture wars” along with saving the sanctity of marriage, the unfettered right to own and use people-killing-equipment (guns), and on the other hand, the “Right to Life”, and the right of charter schools over public education, and white, gun touting, horseback riding, take-back-federal-landers. It is not that Fox cares about any of these issues anymore or less than any News service should, it is the way they champion one side over the other. The way the news heroes, as portrayed by Fox, are always those aligned with the Republican Party. And the help the Republican party gets from this free, broadcast-partisanship.

And even more extreme is the effects caused by the partisan way Fox has treated Democratic and Republican presidents and the effects it has had on our country. To Fox news ALL Democratic presidents, are dangers to the nation, on the other hand, Republican Presidents are reported as having an office which needs to be respected regardless of the results of their actions. The core of partisan fighting in this country, ever since the inception of Fox News and Friends, is the result of this emotional duality propagated by their passionate but disingenuous character assassinations on one side and hypocritical blindness on the other. To Fox News, President Clinton was immoral beyond the new Christian standards of Fox and the then Gingrich’s New Republican Party. Foxes Talkies complained throughout Clinton’s entire presidency of, first “Whitewater”, and then about office sex, and then lying about sex. (as if we find out later, Fox management could hardly talk). On the other hand, with Republican Bush in office, any criticism of tax cuts to the rich, government deregulations, the reality of WMDs or the need to attack Iraq was painted as unpatriotic; as disrespectful to the office of the Presidency. On the other hand, Fox reports that Obama was not even American and he is regulating the banks, and increasing the national debt on our children, and he lies, and he is committing the crime of all crimes; socialized health care! And again, on the other hand, we have Trump, certainly something less than the Christen example of truth and morality, and helped into office by Putin’s Russian army, and all we get from the Fox anchors are complainants on how the “fake news” show him in such a bad, disrespectful light. They not only tell us that we should not worry about slashing taxes to the rich, in spite of the increasing national debt, and cutting corporate regulations, in spite of climate change, but that these changes are great accomplishments.

For all the partisanship Fox has fermented to hinder Democrats and foster Republican authoritarianism let’s think of how different our country and our world would be today if the Supreme Court had not been, swayed by the Fox/Republican chant to “not count the vote” in Florida, into appointing Bush as President instead of Al Gore. Al Gore who would NOT have canceled the scheduled debate on 8-11-2001 between Israel and the Palestinians and might well have prevented 9-11, and perhaps provided the path to peace in the middle east. Gore would certainly not lower taxes on the rich. As a consequence, we would have paid off the national debt and thereafter had lower taxes for everyone or turned to infrastructure investments. With a higher tax rate remaining on capital, the value of the dollar would decrease and consequently, our exports would increase thereby increasing manufacturing jobs. Gore would certainly not deregulate the banks so there would not have been a housing bubble with millions losing their homes. Any recession would not have the word “Great” in front of it. With Al Gore, we would most certainly have taken meaningful steps to deal with climate change even with the Republican Party kicking and screaming all the way.

So, besides Fox’s habit of attacking facts, starting and abandoning citizen movements with disingenuous motives, and also having a clearly partisan one-party agenda; is this all you have as proof that the caravan story was manufactured? Hell no.

Let’s take on the history of Fox and Friends responding to the immigration issues. With a razor-sharp consistency so un-like Fox when dealing with other matters of morality, they have opposed any attempts by reasonable people to give rights to our long time, law-abiding, guest workers. They have continually turned a blind eye to the cause of undocumented immigration; employers paying workers below living standards wages. Instead, they focused on the half-truth that making full citizens of these humans would just encourage more undocumented workers. As an analogy they might say; giving slaves freedom after so many years of enslavement does not stop slavery; it just promotes the arrival of new slaves. The solution in both cases is obvious; the freedom of fair, human labor laws. But, instead of fair labor laws, as we inherited from Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, where immigration decreased as the power of Unions increased, we have the Union busting, corporate inspired, hire-illegals-with-no-rights open immorality, working as an ever-increasing immigrant attracting magnet. Never mind that long term paying below living standards wages causes malnutrition and homelessness; it increasing stock market values. This is particularly disgusting with Fox’s war against the “Dreamers”; children brought over the border at a young age now going to school and working and serving in the military. How Fox cries, over Obama’s simple policy of not deporting this innocent group of children and giving them a fair path to citizenship, is, for some voodoo reason, unconstitutional. Let us dwell on the lack of empathy Fox news has in their history of keeping these children of ours, these American children, as second-class citizens; as economic slaves. It is just hard for a good people to imagine any group of humans with such a callous nonempathetic moral fiber that they would conspire with our countries lawmakers to use their lives as a political chip to corporate greed. But this being the case, how can we now not see the “Caravan” story as nothing more than the continuation of Fox’s corporate war against humans. It is not that Fox and Friends wish humans ill, it is just that in the march for economic and legal control of our country the lives of humans are of no concern to them. Nor, of course, is our democracy of concern for them, and there is no more perfect example of the Fox News/Republican Party symbiotic synergy then its coverup of the Trump theft of the 2016 presidential election.

By what Orwellian picture can anyone really believe that the 2016 election was anything but stollen! Trump openly called for Putin’s Russia to help him by breaking into the opposing party’s email. imagine the uproar if Clinton had enlisted the help of Canada and Mexico; and they are our friends. A lot is made by Fox and Friends, including the President about how unlawful and partisan was the investigations into the Trump campaign by our intelligence community; What??? Of course, they should have to investigate him. Not because of the “Steel” document but because he is publicly calling on a country, a country which is an enemy to the democratic world, to interfere in our elections. If anything, they failed to look hard enough, for what wasn’t known until after the elections, through the Moller report, was that the Russian Army was communicating with voters, masquerading as fellow citizens, destroying the good name of Hillary Clinton. And somehow the Russian army knew all the Republican Party tricks; the battleground states, the Anti-Clinton talking points, the cultural talking points, some personal information of the voters whose reality that they were altering.

The real question we have to ask is not whether Trump was conspiring with an enemy of the state. That is obvious. We should be asking is if the Republican Party itself also had a knowingly mutual relationship, a blind eye, with our enemy, and their silence was purchased with the promise that a winning Trump would install their anti-individual, pro-corporation, judges into the federal courts.

Let’s look at this in two ways; first on how the Republican Party and Fox News have responded to the election theft and secondly how Trump and the Redcoat Red-square Republican party has repaid Putin globally for his help in destroying our democracy.

Mueller requested, then subpoenaed documents he felt necessary to complete his investigation. President Trump refused to hand them over. Deciding that going to court would take too long, Mueller found that there was obstruction of justice and as a consequence, he could not say if an election crime had been committed. Any fair-minded person would asses that, if there were no crime, the President would have been forthcoming with documents to prove his innocence; that withholding is a sign of guilt; but not Fox News. No Crime, no obstruction was the repeated and bellowed reporting. Fox claimed no obstruction because Mueller’s office did not feel they had the power to bring charges against any sitting president. That, Mueller sited, can only be done by impeachment. So factually, the Miller investigation found that Russian interfered with our election in favor of Trump and the proof, one way or the other, over collusion, was being held back by Trump himself. Why is it that no one in the Republican Party, or in a major American broadcast News media, like Fox, would not question the obvious; he must be guilty, he is withholding pertinent information. Instead, in lockstep, they vigorously clam the obvious never happened; that what all America heard and saw never happened; “It’s a witch hunt” they ALL say. It is frightening, to hear in real life, the leaders of our country, along with a major news network, cower to such Orwellian newspeak and collective mono-thought. But it gets even worse.

No sooner than when it seems that the Fox News/Republican Party lock-step synergy has saved Trump from impeachment that Trump moves on to blackmailing the Ukrainian president to help him in his next election. This time, unlike the closed Mueller investigation, the Ukrainian investigation was done in full view of the people. We all witnessed two things; the available facts were damning, and additional facts, that were close to the President, were obstructed by the president himself. Why obstruct if you are innocent? Again, he is as openly guilty as anyone can be, yet fast-talking Republicans and the Fox news screens give us all a second reality. The strategy is that as long as everyone in the Republican Party says what Fox says and Fox says what every Republican Party member says, together they can say whatever they like no matter how far removed from reality that might be. Trump will be acquitted in the Republican-controlled Senate; all Republicans will vote as they are told as. The Republicans will look and act just like the rubber stamp congresses of other dictator-controlled countries; like China, Cuba and Russia. Where the so-called “President” is all-powerful and the congress, mere window dressing; that is legislative props that citizens wasted there time voting for. With this, the international corporate-controlled Republican party will continue to get their Judges, unhindered profiting by corporate giants, and low to no taxes to boot; so what does Putin get?

No less than the destruction of our country and the free world; let’s take a look.

Putin’s first goal is to destroy America’s leadership in the free world. Trump talks, started with “America First”; and continued to say, “America has been taken advantage of for far too long.” He says this to the world when, in fact, we are only 5% of the world’s population and we consume, a quarter of the world’s oil and over 20% of the world’s coal, aluminum and copper and a 1/3 of the world’s paper. We have the highest living standards and create half of the world’s solid waste and one of its biggest sea and air polluters. The world is scratching their heads wondering first, what have we done to the monster economy that we should hear such talk, and second, is this monster really our friend? And then our president starts a trade war, first with our closest allies, like Japan, Mexico, and Canada, and only then does he take on a unilateral trade war with China. It is not just that fighting your natural allies prior to, now alone, fighting your biggest competitor, is a failing strategy; it is that free trade has been the cornerstone of peaceful coexistence and mutual wealth growth among democratic countries. In the past America has been the leader in tearing down trade barriers, and ironically the old Republican Party (back when the Party was truly conservative) played a big part in doing so. (if only someone would have Trump read “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith, he might realize how fruitless these trade wars will prove to be.) So, as countries reassess America as a trading partner, strike one against American world leadership.

The breaking of treaties and commitments with other countries is strike two. Trump has pulled America out of the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal, The 1945 UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the UN Human Rights Council, and most ruinously, the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. He stopped negotiations with the Trans-Pacific Partnership and while keeping NAFTA he arrogantly changed the name to USMC trade agreement (our name first). He has threatened to pull out of both NATO and the World Trade Organization. All deals are compromises; democracies look for what is fair for all citizens. Trump seems to want to use our economic strength to force weaker and more needful countries to acquiesce. While the nature of American democracy is to defend fairness to all, the nature of the Trump/Republican Party is to take what you can take. Who can doubt that the result will first be small short-term gains, followed by resistance, bitterness and long-term resentment and anger? So much for American exceptionalism. While shunning our allies, the other democracies of the world, Trump, on the other hand, petitioned the G7 to bring Russia back into the group, he signed a deal with North Korea and he let Russia out of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty allowing cover for Russia’s intimidation of Eastern Europe.

While Trump, Fox and Friends hype up the danger of the Iran conflict so that come election day it will, in reality, be a danger, they fail to expose the same territorial “proxy” war by Russia against Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe. Just as Iran sends Iranian soldiers dressed as citizens of the sought-after country to fight and overthought the governance, Russia is doing the same in Eastern Europe. While Trump and Friends take America into an East Africa quagmire, Russia is free to rebuild its lost empire. If Western Europe chooses not to follow Trump into a war with Iran then the NATO alliance is strained; if it does follow, its resources are depleted. In either case, Putin wins; and side-out for team democracy. The reason Putin is noted as an important world leader, far beyond the resources of his country, is that everyone in the world knows that, the American president, Trump is in Putin’s pocket; everyone but the viewers of Fox news. I am not implying that Fox news is simply an instrument of the communist world. It is an instrument of autocratic control, whether communist or capitalist, it proves to be of little difference.

Whatever the style of dictatorship, with good cause, they detest both democracy and the truth based on reality. Again, the purpose of this long but certainly incomplete rendition of Fox news is not the destruction of a corporate mouthpiece, no matter how dishonest and immoral we, on the above pages, have found them to be; with its mind-bending graphics, its false realities, mob generating tactics and partisan reporting. Free speech must be saved at all cost; but we will now make the case that It is the destruction of the treasons-to-democracy Republican Party that will make their dangerous and irresponsible talk non-consequence.

It is true that Fox News and the PACs and the buy-out of local broadcast stations have all worked in concert with the treasonous Republican Party. But we don’t fight authoritarian control by limiting anyone’s right to free speech, on anyone’s platform, even if the purpose of that speech is to limit ours.

At this point in our history, we can still vote. Even if it has been severely diluted by The Republican Party. The Republican Party that couldn’t, for decades, win the vote of the poor working person so they destroyed our Unions, they crafted incomplete immigration laws to increase non-citizen workers and then, in our poverty, they incarcerated us in historically large numbers. And the Party that even today continues crafting restrictive voting rules to intimidate the remaining poor from voting. The Party that gerrymandered the whole country so the remaining city voters lose their representation. The party that, not being able to justify these wrongs to our constitution, stacked the court system with judges who will “Lawyer” around it. The Party that crafted the unlimited rights of international corporate campaign funds to allow them to blanket our rural citizens with communist-style propaganda. The Party which set about seizing complete control our country to pedal us off to the richest bidder and/or the biggest liar.

Nonetheless, this Party, the legal officialdoms, built by Fox and Company, have developed an extreme weakness. The weakness of this current dictatorship is that, in this point in our history, within our two-party system, with very few exceptions, all purchasable politicians seek and find employment in the Republican Party; citizens politicians for honest untethered, open and fair government, by default, are today populating either the Democratic Party or other small parties (small parties that could now easily incorporate the larger than normal “independent voters”).

Eliminate the Republican Party (and any future party that treasons itself against democracy) and the propaganda will lose its power, and all their evil will cease. It is that easy; to save our democracy all we have to do in 2020 is vote the treasonous anti-democratic Red Coat, Red Square, Republican Party out of existence.

Join the NRP the underground movement. There is no membership, no dues and no advertisements and certainly no bots. What we need is no less than modern Paul Reveres’, riding up the social media river shouting that the Red Coat Propaganda is coming; take cover. It is each and every citizen passing along the strategy, and the absolute need, that all Americans vote. Vote for anyone but those who belong to the Treasonous Party that is taking our vote, our country and indeed our world from US!