We stand against deportations and detention as tools of hate, division, and a racist border regime. We unconditionally oppose the UK government's Rwanda plan.The first Rwanda deportation flight was grounded on June 14th after protests, direct action and legal intervention. Despite ongoing proceedings in the High Court, The Home Office is now planning a new flight. Meanwhile, the prime minister and home secretary have made clear their intention to continue this cruel policy, pushing for increased deportations by expanding to other countries.The impact of this policy on those it impacts cannot be understated: from the perilous journeys made ever more dangerous by the closure of safe routes, to the physical violence of detention and forced deportation, to the mental anguish suffered by those detained with uncertainty and the threat of expulsion to a place they have never known hanging over their heads.
It is imperative we stand up now and make our rejection of these injustices clear.
We condemn the demonisation of migrants and reject narratives of scarcity or the deserving/undeserving binary. We wholly condemn the detention and deportation of people, and believe that we should all have the freedom to move and the freedom to stay.The government have converted a military site in Manston, Kent, into an internment camp for detainees, with thousands of men, women, and children detained for long periods of time in inhumane conditions. This is vastly beyond the site's capacity and reports of disease, overcrowding, and generally abhorrent conditions being confirmed. Check here for updates, find your local demo, and get in touch with any questions!

When and where?

You can find information about upcoming actions below. This information will be updated regularly, and we will be trying to provide travel support and other assistance where possible, so please keep an eye out for new information, or get in touch via s.det.sup@gmail.com or social media. Please follow the hyperlinks for transport and other additional information!

Our next major demonstration will be at Manston detention camp (CT12 5DF) on Sunday the 6th of November at 2pm. We will be arranging a coach to travel there from London, and will be trying to provide assistance for anybody on low-wage to be able to attend. Please visit our Linktree [click link] more information.

You can also support us by contributing to our fundraiser for travel expenses! [click link] Many detention centres are in difficult places to get to, part of an intentional effort to maximise isolation and cut off detainees from potential support, heightening the loneliness and emotional and practical challenges of those detained. We are therefore asking for contributions to help with travel costs, to ensure that we can get as many people to each detention centre as possible!

These actions are organised by a wide network of organisations working for the rights of migrants and refugees and against deportations and immigration detention.
These include:

The Detention Centres


Colnbrook IRC and Harmondsworth IRC


Brook House IRC and Tinsley House IRC


Yarl's Wood IRC


Derwentside/Hassockfield IRC


Manchester Short Term Holding Facility


Dungavel House IRC, South Lanarkshire


Manston detention camp, Kent

Antrim, NI

Larne House IRC

Please share this info as widely as you can!

Find images on our resources page, or click here to edit your own version of our graphics on Canva.