13th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas

Milano, postponed to 2021--> 2022!

Venue: Palazzo Greppi, via Sant’Antonio 12 – Milano

This workshop continues a series of conferences devoted to the physics of non-neutral plasmas

and related phenomena, including topics like:

Confinement and dynamics of non-neutral plasmas

Antimatter plasmas and antihydrogen production

Strongly coupled and ultra-cold plasmas

Dusty plasmas

Collective effects in charged particle beams

Ion trapping for quantum computing, frequency standards

Previous workshops have been held in

Appleton, Wisconsin (2017)

Takamatsu, Japan (2014)

Greifswald, Germany (2012)

New York, New York (2008)

Aarhus, Denmark (2006)

Santa Fe, New Mexico (2003)

San Diego, California (2001)

Princeton, New Jersey (1999)

Boulder, Colorado (1997)

Berkeley, California (1994)

Irvine, California (1992)

Washington, D.C. (1988)