Studio 508B: Beginning Art with Ms. Rucker


Here you will find lots of info and links to help you navigate digital learning. The majority of our class resources will be here for you.

I'm so happy you're here!

Welcome to Beginner Art with Ms. Rucker in Studio 508B! Why do I call it a studio? Well, that's where artists work and that's exactly who we are: ARTISTS! No matter what your skill level is, always know that Art takes practice, patience and time for you to find what you like best. Will it be drawing, painting, sculpting, digital illustration? Now is your chance to experiment with it ALL and see what fits you the best.

In the beginning, we'll get to know one another and get comfortable with our digital learning set up, plus go through the basic tools, techniques and vocabulary. Think of these weeks of digital learning as your introductory training and practice course in vocabulary, style and technique before we get to be hands on in the studio!

Make sure you familiarize yourself with this site and all of the information available here. The more you know, the more prepared you are!

here are some important websites for you

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This is where most assignments will be. All students will get a join code for their class period.


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stallion on-demand netiquette: expectations when online

It's very important to be safe and responsible when online.

Remember: technology is an amazing thing and your actions (good or bad) can be traced back to you. Be mindful of what you post.

The full student expectations can be found by clicking on the yellow "Stallion On Demand Netiquette" button above. Listed to the right are some key points.

Tech problems happen and that's ok! The first step is to stay calm and follow the checklist to see what to do.

Communication is the most important part! Make sure you let your teacher know if something happens on your end.

If there is a tech issue on your teacher's end or with a specific application/site we are using, your teacher will be sure to communicate that by email or Google Classroom.

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Super stallions Social Contract

StaLLions are: Responsible, Ready, and Respectful!

Be Responsible

    • Be On Time

    • Be in Dress Code

Be Ready

    • Have all supplies

    • Be ready to learn

Be Respectful

    • Follow all adult directions

    • Allow others to learn

    • Work Cooperatively