NMAPS - NMAmit Photo Sketch Database

Sudeepa K B, Pallavi S, Sannidhan M S, Abhir Bhandary

Department of Computer Science & EngineeringNMAM Institute of Technology , Nitte - 574110Udupi, Karnataka, India

NMAPS is a database of human face images and their corresponding sketches generated using a novel approach implemented using Matlab tool. Database contains 208 South Indian images gathered at the computer science research lab of NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte. Images were taken under the random lighting conditions and environment with varying background and quality. Images captured under the varying conditions and quality mimic the real-world conditions and enables the researches to try out robust algorithms testing in the area of sketch generation and matching. This database is an unique contribution in the field of forensic science research as it contains the photo-sketch data-sets of South Indian people. NMAPS database is now available openly to the research community through the link given below

Here is a short summary of what makes this database interesting to face recognition research community:

  1. Different quality and resolution cameras were used;
  2. Images were taken under uncontrolled illumination conditions;
  3. Images were taken from various distances;
  4. Images were taken under different background conditions;
  5. Database contains front pose of a photo and its corresponding sketch;
  6. Database contains images of 208 subjects, enough to eliminate performance results of any technique in sketch related area;
  7. Both identification and verification scenarios are possible.
  8. Generated sketches were verified for quality metrics and yielded a good result in comparison with previous benchmark data-sets;