Having Fun

Learning, building character, and developing leadership skills are all well and good, but if it's not done in a fun and engaging environment kids tend to quickly "tune out". A big part of the Scouting program is to keep the energy level up through games, sports, craft projects, experiments, and hands-on exploration.

Here are some of the fun and exciting activities we do...

  • Our annual Pinewood Derby is one of our biggest events. Scouts and their families design and build a small race car at home using a kit supplied by the Pack. We then race the cars on our 30 foot long aluminum track. Race results are compiled electronically and we award trophies to the fastest and most interesting looking cars. This is an event that all Scouts look forward to each year.
  • The Pack holds a picnic each June near the end of the school year. This is traditionally our last meeting before we take some time off for summer vacation. There are plenty of games, food and fun for the entire family.
  • Each year our Pack marches in the Bradley Gardens Memorial Day parade. The Scouts enjoy proudly showing our pack banner and seeing all their friends and neighbors.
  • The Scouts take place in a wide variety of activities during our fall and spring camping including...
      • Campfire activities (s'mores, ghost stories, skits, etc.)
      • Fishing
      • Archery
      • Rock wall climbing
      • Hiking
      • Exploring
      • BB gun shooting

Learn more about our camping outings in our Camping FAQ.

  • In addition to our camping events each fall and spring, we also typically hold one pack meeting a year at the Scout campfire ring at Colonial Park.
  • Each year we hold recruiting events where we do interesting and fun activities. We try to do a different theme each year. In the past we have done model rocket launches, rain gutter regattas (homemade boats raced along a rain gutter track) and air/water powered homemade rocket launches.
  • Our Scouts get involved in any kind of sport you can think of. Wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball, tug-of-war, football, track and field games, tag games, and gagaball are just some of the games our Scouts play.
  • All Den and Pack meetings are filled with games, crafts, puzzles, jokes, skits, magic tricks, science experiments, scavenger hunts and more!