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My Name NJP, I was born in Israel in the 70's; I am an Israeli Jurist (Law) and Economist who was involved in governmental and private projects. Formally Cyber forensic expert, that worked and served globally in a variety of nationality Courts, hold an information system management degree, and was a High school & university teacher also, a senior lecturer in Israeli Universities and also abroad, in Information security School in Vermont university , Norwich USA.

Practiced experience in the field of business risk in a verity of business needs and aspects; International law (Cybercrimes, Intellectual property, Human rights, and international commerce), I experienced a lot has economic analyst and still practice today. I've Been identified by the Journalists as a speaker on legal issues, Social & environmental issues with vast knowledge base provider and work with the media. My customer says that I innovate risks, solve business problems and a successful solution provider, did a business rehabilitation projects and business development abilities that I attend to keep.

My scholarly range of knowledge is wide, I manage my work in a complex business fields, like agriculture business, Logistics cargo and much more. I love to expand my knowledge on a variety of fields, loves reading books, to write and read on Human rights, commercial law, global economy, agriculture, innovative solutions and technologies who drive today's economy, moral philosophy, science, and more.

Contact: nirp AT pasicon . org;