Occupational Health & Stress Laboratory

Department of Psychology, Northern Illinois University

Programs of Research

The Occupational Health and Stress Laboratory conducts both field and laboratory studies on the following topics related to occupational health psychology and organizational behavior. Key topics include the following research questions:

Employee Sleep

Sleep is a critical health behavior that may affect our work and home lives. How do does work stress influence sleep, and vice versa? How might poor sleep influence our psychological health, including how we both interpret work events and cope with them? What can we do to improve sleep to be at our best at work and home?

Technology and Work-Life Balance

How do workers manage work-life balance issues, especially in relation to technology? What are both the benefits and drawbacks of technology blurring the line between work and home? Is workplace telepressure bad for our health and sleep? What are personal and workplace factors that facilitate telepressure, and how do we reduce it?

Counterproductive Behavior and Health

How might harmful behaviors at work and home be influenced by stress and health behaviors? Why might employees engage in counterproductive work behaviors or negative behaviors at home? What is the role of sleep and exercise in preventing counterproductive behavior and negative interpersonal interactions at home?