Nitric Oxide and oral Health

For many people, they don’t focus on nitric oxide. They often might hear about it in passing, but it’s often put on the back burner in favor of other chemicals such as calcium and the like. But, nitric oxide is a very important part of not only oral health, but overall health, and it definitely is something that you need to know more about. This article will discuss what it is, and why it’s important to have in your body.

Now, nitric oxide is a big part of your heart health. In that, it’s a vasodilator and a regulator of your blood pressure, which makes the blood vessels supple and flexible. This will allow them to withstand the pressure changes. This is a big part of your overall gum health and the blood vessel health in the kidney, which are both smallest and most fragile. This is used to regulate them, which in turn can help to improve your overall health as well.

Now, how does this affect you? Well, it can impact you in a variety of ways, including improving your memory and behavior, changing your immunity, lowering inflammation, improving the quality of your sleep, enhancing your endurance, enhancing the gastric motility, change the way your insulin is signaled, and also allowing to help treat erectile dysfunction in men, allowing blood flow to work in those areas. Now, nitric oxide is different from nitrates, which you see on the meats. Nitrates are something that can be harmful and causes cancer. It’s also not related to nitrous oxide either, which is used to help calm a patient down. No, this is a natural chemical that is used as a main source of nitrogen in plants, which helps with their growth. This tends to be higher in veggies than in fruits, and if you want to have more of these, you should have leafy greens, beets, celery, and Swiss chard. It’s also naturally produced by the endothelial cells that line the arteries, and it’s used as a messenger in a variety of activities.

Now, if you’re worried about heart disease or blood pressure, check to make sure that you’re getting enough of this. lots of people don’t, and these dietary nitrates actually can help you lower your blood pressure. It’s something that is often not discussed enough, but high blood pressure is a part of heart disease, and that is how about ten million people die each year. It can be caused by overweight, lack of activity, and also tobacco use, among other things. you need to produce enough of this, since it will help to regulate these systems, and also improve your systemic health.

How do you help this? Well, you should eat more real foods and ones that are rich in fiber and probiotics. Healthy fats are also important too. Along with this, do make sure that you exercise too, since it triggers the release of oxygen and other nutrients and also triggers these cells to release nitric oxide as well, which in turn will allow these levels to grow.

You should also eat dark chocolate. This might sound weird, but dark chocolate showed an increase in this, and even a decrease in systolic blood pressure. you want to get the darkest that you can, and the one that is the least sweet. That way, you’re not adding extra sugars to the die.

Then finally, there is mouth tape. You should start to tape your mouth at night, so that more nitric oxide can be created in the nasal passages. Often, if you’re not breathing through your nose and through your mouth, this can limit how much is made, so make sure you watch out for this.

For many of us, we don’t even realize how much we need nitric oxide. It is something important though, especially for improving the overall health of your mouth. For many of us, not thinking about heart disease, high blood pressure, and the like could adversely affect us, and our mouth has a part in this. so, if you’re worried about getting the best health that you can, start with this, and learn to find out more too. To make sure that you do not have any problems having enough production of nitric oxide, you can visit your Kennewick Dentist and get your mouth checked.