Nitish Mathur

Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Chemistry,  Princeton University

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I am a materials scientist passionate about understanding quantum properties in confined geometries of nanomaterials. My expertise lies in synthesizing and processing nanoscale inorganic materials for their seamless incorporation into device architectures for the advancement of next-generation energy-efficient nanoelectronics. This encompasses employing solid-state techniques for materials synthesis and conducting magneto-transport measurements on nanodevices to thoroughly investigate their physical properties.

Currently, I am a post doctoral researcher with Prof. Leslie Schoop in the Chemistry department at Princeton University. My PhD degree was obtained at the Materials Science and Engineering department of University of Wisconsin Madison in May, 2021 under the guidance of Prof. Song Jin (Department of Chemistry). At Madison, I mainly focused on the investigation of topological nature of magnetic and electronic properties in confined geometries of non-centrosymmetric metal silicides and germanides.  My research involves collaboration with condensed matter physicists and instrumentation specialists conducting electron microscopy, X-ray studies and ab initio calculations.  

As a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University, I have expanded my research interests to investigate spin interactions in novel two dimensional magnets which could be useful for next-generation energy efficient spintronic devices. 

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