Software Entrepreneur


Hello world, my name is Usheninte Dangana.

I am a Software Engineer interested in Innovation, the Creative Arts, Data Analytics and Entrepreneurship.

Over the years, I have established a successful track record in building innovative digital experiences for profitable enterprises.

Learning is of significant interest to me and I constantly think toward the future. I periodically write articles on around the concepts I find interesting.

Currently an Entrepreneur-In-Training at MEST Africa, I study and implement the principles for building scalable businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

After gaining experience tutoring individuals in Software Development as a pioneer Developer Students Club Lead in SSA, I am currently a Mentor and Alumnus for the program. This initiative was in many ways my introduction to Google Cloud and its related technologies.

I live by a simple motto: "From one thing, you must know ten thousand things".

Conversations about commerce in emerging markets, professional development and building solutions for businesses are quite interesting to me, and I happily engage when able.

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