Ningchuan Zhang


I am a Hans Rademacher Instructor of Mathematics at Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania. My postdoctoral mentor is Mona Merling. I recently received my PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, advised by Matthew Ando. This semester, I'm physically staying at UIUC as a visiting scholar, while working remotely for Penn. You can contact me at nczhang at sas dot upenn dot edu.

Here are my CV and my thesis.

Preprints and work in progress

  • The exotic chromatic Picard group at height 3 and prime 5, with Dominic Culver. In preparation.

  • Congruences of Eisenstein series of level Γ_1(N) via Dieudonné theory of formal groups, arXiv: 2006.15106. Submitted. (Last update: June 2020. )

  • Analogs of Dirichlet L-functions in chromatic homotopy theory, arXiv: 1910.14582. Submitted. (Last update: June 2020.)


My main research interest is algebraic topology and its relations with number theory. For more details, please check my preprints above and my talks and notes page.


I am teaching Math 103 Introduction to Calculus and Math 312 Linear Algebra in Spring 2021. I'm also organizing a graduate reading seminar on chromatic homotopy theory seminar this semester. For my past teaching, please check my teaching page.