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An introduction to the skills needed to get started along your rock climbing journey, belaying, building anchors and other basic ropework skills, movement coaching and mental preparation. Usually this would include at least one day at a single pitch venue to get started and could then progress onto multi-pitch climbing or sport climbing to really hone those new found moves!

The next steps

For climbers looking to expand their knowledge and skill set, whether you are looking to do your first lead climb, get in to the world of multi-pitch climbing, or just looking to make your climbing more efficient, our Mountain Instructors will have plenty of ideas to keep you busy, and the perfect crag for every one of them!


With one of our Mountaineering Instructors, you will be shown the basic personal equipment and techniques to safely make the exciting transition from hill walker to mountaineer. We will teach you about what equipment is required, tying in to the rope, route finding and abseiling.

We can find quiet crags to develop your skills

sport climbing