With a minor in information science, Nina has developed along side with her engineering cohorts in WPF (XAML, Windows Platform Foundation), HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS, Matlab <3, Java ...

Microsoft Meeting Wall

Wall & Desktop UX Design


Enterprise meeting solution.

The wall experience

Integrating with Microsoft Outlook, we are able to get the list of meeting attendees, whether they've accepted the invite or not, the agenda of the meeting, and any linked contents to the meeting invite.

Desktop Solution

When a meeting comes up, user gets a desktop notification. (This was before Android!)

Design partner in crime, Leslie Ferguson.

The Desktop App Experience

When the user opens up the meeting app, they will get the list of upcoming meetings. From the meeting link, they can open up the meeting workspace that allows them to throw content onto the Meeting Wall.

All of these UX were developed in Expression Blend which allows the designer to build in working code so that what the designer sees and designs is exactly what is built.