Who is Nilton Serva?

Nilton Serva is a 24-year-old Latino male who has demonstrated to the world that even a thug can become a public speaker, entrepreneur, and undergraduate college student. Not only has he been living the street life but he has been incarcerated twice. During his second incarceration, he taught himself the principles of business and personal development. Nilton says, "Entrepreneurship saved my life because there's nothing else in the world that I would have ever seen myself doing other than being out in the streets". He has recently been accepted to UCLA to pursue his bachelor's degree in Economics.

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7/17/17 ~ 2 min read

There comes a time when you're given a shot to start fresh and do better in life. But this shot may not come as easily as it does for others. If you're given the shot, you should quickly act on it. I've seen a number of times where someone had...



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Social media has been a great outlet for Nilton to begin documenting his lifestyle shift from "streetpreneur" to a real entrepreneur. He has used social media to build an audience so that he can share his speakings and activities. Nilton says, "My goal is to inspire and motivate others to hustle their way out of their struggles to become what they truly want in life".