I'm a professor at the Technical University of Munich in the Informatics Department and a group leader at Helmholtz AI working on causality and socially beneficial machine learning.

I obtained my PhD in the Cambridge-Tübingen program co-supervised by Bernhard Schölkopf, Carl Rasmussen, and Adrian Weller. I was an Ellis student (now an Ellis member) and member of Pembroke College, funded by the Cambridge-Tübingen PhD fellowship with generous donations from Microsoft.

During my PhD I interned at Deepmind, Google, and Amazon.

I grew up in Austria, studied Physics and Maths in Regensburg, and was fortunate to spend time at Harvard and Stanford during my studies.


Group members

PhD students

MSc students

  • Yujun Wang

  • Martin Eppert

  • Omer Arshad

  • Jan Marco Ruiz de Vargas Staudacher

BSc students

  • Amin Ben Saad

  • Ronald Skorobogat


Prospective students

MSc, BSc, HiWi, guided research, internships

If you are interested in doing your MSc or BSc thesis with me or a guided research project (only for TUM students) please fill out this form and indicate that you are interested in working with me directly. (This form is maintained by people at the Helmholtz Center, but I also use it for TUM students and supervision of external students.)

PhD students

I advertise all openings for PhD students on this homepage as well as on twitter. If there are no current openings, please feel free to reach out directly via email and let me know why you'd be a great fit for the group.


If you're interested in doing a postdoc with me, I'm keen on hearing from you. Please reach out directly via email.

Selected publications

PhD thesis

Beyond traditional assumptions in fair machine learning [thesis pdf (arxiv)]
PhD Thesis @ University of Cambridge


Quod erat knobelandum [springer] [amazon]
Clara Löh, Stefan Krauss, NK
Springer Spektrum (1st edition: 2016, 2nd edition: 2019)

Theses and projects

  • Master Thesis Physics: Numerical Analysis of Gravitational Wave Generation during Metric Preheating [thesis] [code]

  • Master Thesis Mathematics: Numerical Analysis of Causal Fermion Systems on R x S^3 [thesis]

  • Physics Research Project: Sky-MoCa: The Skyrmion Phase in 3D Lattice Simulations [report] [code]