Niki Mohr

San Fernando, California

Vote for me for ADEM for AD-39

I’m running for Assembly District Delegate to represent Assembly District 39, because I want to be a voice for all Dems in my district. I believe healthcare is a human right, that no human is illegal, and that love is love.

Although I am a lifelong Democrat and a longtime progressive activist, this is my first time running as a delegate. After volunteering at the last state Convention, I realized I want to use my voice to advocate for progressive values within our party. I have enjoyed doing legislative advocacy with groups like Moms Demand Action, ACLU, Indivisible CA-State Strong, and Equality California.

I grew up in Simi Valley, and in 2018, I helped with efforts to elect a Democrat to the Simi Valley city council. I’m a member of the Simi Valley Democratic Club, where I chair the advocacy committee. I’m also a member of the North Valley Democratic Club, as well as a DPSFV board member. I live in San Fernando. I am chair of the Transportation Commission for the City, and I also serve on the San Fernando Education Commission.

As an alumni of Equality California’s Leadership Academy, one of my biggest priorities is to push for justice and full equality for LGBTQ people.

I am a teacher at Vaughn Next Century Learning Center in San Fernando, where I have taught English, history, and theatre since 2008. In 2016, I was named Somos Familia Valle's "Educator of the Year." I deeply believe that investing in public education and excellent teachers should be a priority, so that we can close the achievement gap.

Amongst the hundreds of students I’ve taught over the past 12 years have been scores of dreamers, and for the sake of my alumni and so many others, I yearn for a clean Dream Act.

When I first joined my local Democratic club, I was overwhelmed by all the acronyms and procedures. As I’ve learned the ropes, I’ve tried to always make sure club meetings are welcoming to new members and visitors, as I know we are a stronger party when more of our party members are involved at the local club level. Although I’m too old to be a member of Young Democrats clubs, I believe deeply that our party should fully embrace youth and young adult involvement in party politics, and my two children are frequent attendees at club meetings, where they feel their voices are valued, even though they aren’t old enough to vote.

I humbly ask for your vote, that I might be a voice for all Democrats in our community.

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LGBTQ Educator of the Year SFV

Transportation and Safety Commissioner, since 2009


Vaughn International Studies Academy

an International Studies Schools Network school

I loved the opportunity to engage with LGBTQ elected officials and other leaders in California. I'm proud to fight for LGBTQ justice and equality.