London 2004 chez S & S

We spent a few days with brother Simon and partner Shusheel in their new flat in docklands. The area may be called the Isle of Dogs but it's not as crummy as it sounds - there is a nice view over the Thames and nearby Canary Wharf is fast becoming a smart and sophisticated financial center - much more livable than the City of London and just a few minutes walk from their flat. Here's the view from their terrace, looking across to the Millennium Dome.

A close up of the roof of the dome (any resemblance to a white elephant is coincidental). James Bond landed on this roof in one of his movies. The dome is also famous as the location of a daring but failed attempt to steal a massive diamond.

In Canary Wharf with some petrified friends.

We visited the Tate Modern art gallery which is located in what used to be a power station. It was a Wednesday, the day that alien beings are allowed in free, and this picture was taken just before the girl was torn to pieces by a monster frustrated at not being able to ride the escalators.

This entertainer in Covent Garden was concentrating intently as he juggled 3 buzzing chain saws.

Catherine doesn't look well here does she? It's because the mirror is really horizontal - it was placed in the Greenwich Museum to allow visitors to admire the painted ceiling without getting a stiff neck.

A detail of part of the ceiling.

Catherine is a Tintin fan and enjoyed the Tintin exhibit at the Maritime Museum. This is Tintin's submarine, the most famous invention of Professor Calculus.

Looking from the Observatory and its prime meridian back towards the Museum, with Canary Wharf beyond.