Ena & Co

My grandmother, Ena, visited us briefly in April 2002, along with her son, (my father) Brian and my step-mother, Jo.

Here they are in the company of our charismatic neighbour, Sylvie, with the headband (does she belong to a gang?).

The photos below show us in Cabris, looking down on Peymeinade and the Mediterranean.

We climbed to the top of Mont Vinaigre (558m, 1840 feet) as a thunderstorm approached. In the photo above right we are crouching at the summit, hoping not to get hit by lightning. Moments later hail started raining down painfully hard as my 95 year-old grandmother raced us back to the car.

Like father, like son? You decide...

This is the Cistercian monastery on the Island of St. Honorat, off Cannes. After walking for 30 minutes on an ugly path made of construction debris and broken glass, it was a surprise to find this spectacular building framed by magnificent palm trees.

Behind the monastery walls are a huge array of solar panels - do all the monks have giant screen TVs?

Next to the monastery is the keep, below, which we explored.

We took a road train to the top of old Cannes, called Le Suquet, and admired the view.