United Queendom

Why am I the only person on the planet who thinks that where there's a king there's a kingdom and where there's a queen there's a queendom? Why aren't there more intelligent people around?

Here are links to various pages on this site and to Google+ photo albums that document our visits to the UQ. And yes, they do feel like visits - I haven't lived in the UQ since 1982.

Xmas in London, December 2016 (album)

Two weeks in London, December 2015 (album)

Triple birthday (Jo, Colin, Richard), UQ, June 2014 (album)

A week in the UQ, July 2008 (album)

London 2004 chez S&S

Xmas 2000

Jo @ 70

Ena & Co

Ena @ 100


Julia's wedding, 1986 (album)

30 Years of Family and Friends (album)