I started Nienke4School to make it easier to find my projects when I want to show them to people. I have so many files in so many places and I can never find anything ;)

In 2003 I moved from Amsterdam to California. I worked as a web developer for a long time before I got into teaching. I started volunteering at my kids' school and later found a job as a MakerSpace Teacher at an elementary school. I am now in my second year teaching a STEM Elective at a middle school. I have ADHD which apparently makes me very creative, but also very chaotic. I have many great ideas, I start some of them, I finish only a few. But if I like something, I go for it. I get super motivated and happy and love seeing the end product.

I don't plan things out, I just have an idea and start building/coding etc. and see where it ends up. Nienke4School has some of my projects, but somewhere in the deep dark digital space, there are many more.


Nienke4School YouTube

This video is from 2017. Robot vs Turkey. Made with WeVideo, Lego Boost, Finch Robot and WoWee Mip.