Delegates from NIDTEP attends the international forum "NETI-A 2021"

National Education Training Institute in ASEAN (NETI-A) Forum 2021 - (October 5, 2021)

The delegates of the Ministry of Education of Thailand; Dr. Charoen Puwijit (Deputy Director of NIDTEP) and Mr. Thanapon Khanthawichai (Foreign Relations Staff), attended the international forum "NETI-A" organized by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea. The forum was participated by speakers and experts in teachers and educational personnel development in ASEAN and across the Asia-Pacific members such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. During the session, delegates from NIDTEP, MoE, Thailand gave participants a presentation to introduce the National Institute for Development of Teachers, Faculty Staff and Educational Personnel (NIDTEP) which roles as the national training center for teachers and educational personnel in Thailand.