Nidhi Rathi

Postdoctoral Fellow at Aarhus University, Denmark

PhD, IISc Bangalore (IBM PhD Fellow)

Email : nidhi (at) cs (dot) au (dot) dk

nidhirathi (at) iisc (dot) ac (dot) in

Presently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus university (Denmark) where I am hosted by Prof. Iannis Caragiannis. I am a part of the Computational Complexity and Game Theory research group at Aarhus University.

My broad areas of interests include design and analysis of algorithms with a focus on problems in computational social choice and algorithmic game theory. Currently, I am working towards understanding the computability of fair and efficient resource allocations under various settings, and in identifying interesting properties that arise during interactions in multi-agent systems.

I recieved my Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) from 2016-2021. My Ph.D. advisors are Prof. Siddharth Barman (CSA) and Prof. Mrinal K. Ghosh (Mathematics). I have been awarded with the prestigious IBM PhD Fellowship for the year 2020.

I completed my Masters in Mathematics from IISc with thesis titled 'Efficient Oblivious Transfer Protocols in Cryptography' under the guidance of Prof. Arpita Patra (CSA, IISc). Prior to joining IISc, I received my Bachelors in Mathematics (Hons.) from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University.