5th Grade Social Studies

Experience teaching 5th Grade Social Studies

  • 2017-2018: 5th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Conn Area Catholic School in Connellsville, PA.
    • Our 5th Grade social studies curriculum has a focus on the History of North America, beginning with the Native American cultures. We then discuss the prominent European explorers and discuss the cultural impacts of these explorers on the Native Americans and subsequent colonists. After this, we focus on the European colonist settlements in North America, discuss the events leading to the American Revolution, identify key battles and leaders in the American Revolution and culminate on the founding of the United States Government.

Social Studies Resources

In order to provide my students with multiple perspectives on many of these historical events, I take great care in choosing my resources. Below I have listed some of the resources that I've used to help students interact with content on their specific reading levels as well as utilize critical thinking skills to analyze varying viewpoints.

Native American Tribe Museum

Taxation Without Representation

The Queen came to visit our classroom and she dished out a series of unfair candy taxes! With the help of our designated "tax collectors," The Queen taxed people who wore glasses, people with brown hair and even people with siblings! This immersive event was used to kick off our "Road to Revolution" unit!