Coding Projects

Recent projects can be found on my Github account, but here's a list of all the code I ended up writing to this day (April 2017).

Note that some of these are small toy problems / assignments.

Winter 2017:

  • Reinforcement Learning (RL) class:
    • Presentation 2: "Policy Iteration, Value Iteration and Prioritized Sweeping for simple grid world MDP control"; [slides] [code]
    • Presentation 3: "SARSA and ExpectedSARSA implementation for a race grid world MDP"; [slides] [code]
    • Presentation 4: "n-step SARSA, n-step TreeBackup and n-step Q-sigma in a simple 10x10 grid world"; [slides] [code]
    • Final project: "Policy Gradient Methods for Dialogue Response Generation"; [report] [slides] [code -private for now]
  • Machine Learning (ML) class:
    • Assignment 1: "Logistic Regression: primal and dual implementation with polynomial kernel"; [code]
    • Assignment 3: "Simple demo of PCA with sklearn"; [code]
    • Final Project: "Training a Discriminator to Compare Generative Dialogue Models"; [report] [slides] [code]
  • Predictability & Legibility measure of the DSTC2&3 dataset: [code] & original [paper] by Anca Dragan et al.

Fall 2016:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) class:
    • Assignments 1,2,3,4 : [code]
    • Final project: "Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews"; [report] [slides] [code]
  • Learning Theano by following tutorials; [code]

December 2015:

  • Third Android app: Coper Escape game, fly as far as you can [download] [code TODO]

Fall 2015:

  • Applied Machine Learning class:
    • Project 2: "k-Nearest Neighbour algorithm on given dataset"; [code]
    • Project 3: "SVM classifier on MNIST"; [code]
    • Project 4: "Machine Learning methods to predict the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale"; [report] [code]

Fall 2013:

  • Second Android app: Memory, match image pairs [download] [code TODO]
  • First Android app: Crystal Ball, random answer generator [download] [code TODO]

Winter 2013:

  • Phone Record: add, search, modify, remove & print all contacts [try it online] [code]
  • Memory game: match pairs of numbers on your terminal [code]
  • Hangman game: guess the hidden word [code]

Fall 2012:

  • TicTacToe, ConnectFour, and Memory Games [code]
  • Benford Law experiment [code]
  • Calculate distance between two Robots [code]