Feedback from players I have coached

Steve: "Excellent lesson, quickly identified flaw and got things quickly back on track."

Barry Miller: "I booked 5 lessons with Nicola over the winter period to get me ready for the start of the season. It is easy to fall into bad habits over time with the golf swing and I had quite a collection. Nicola has been great at getting me back on track and sorting out the basics that really do make a difference. I left each lesson thinking I had made real progress and had a routine to take away for further practise. It has been very useful overall and now that the season has kicked off I have no doubt that I will be back for more to work on the finer points! 10/10."

Scott M: "Nicola had improved my game 10 fold within a couple of lessons , best Christmas present I've ever had. The feeling of hitting a good ball cannot be beaten!! Thank you very much Nicola for helping me sort out my swing good luck with your future"

Fiona: "Nicola, thanks for the excellent lesson, am looking forward to the next one. I found you very helpful and will recommend you to my friends."