Speculative Fiction

Nicole Feldringer is a writer, climate scientist, and professor. Her short fiction has appeared in GigaNotoSaurus, Cast of Wonders, and the anthologies Press Start to Play and Loosed Upon the World, among other venues. She currently lives in Northern California.

Recent Stories

"The Embrace," The NoSleep Podcast, Suddenly Shocking vol. 10, June 2019.

The Singing Wind and the Golden Hour,” GigaNotoSaurus, July 2018.

"Leapling," Cast of Wonders, February 2016.

"Outliers," Press Start to Play, ed. John Joseph Adams and Daniel H. Wilson, Vintage, 2015. Reprinted in Loosed Upon the World, ed. John Joseph Adams, Saga Press, 2015.

"Soft as a Feather When Done Right," Sword & Laser Anthology, ed. Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont, Sword & Laser, 2014.

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