Nick Wright


I am the Owner and Producer for Drillbit Studios, which is currently working on This is Not a Drill ; A mobile game title that is an high energy endless jumper. We have recently released a Beta product in New Zealand.

As the Producer, I own, maintain, and communicate title release schedule including marketing, social, and creative services needs. I support the team by running daily stand-ups, creating sprint burn downs, scheduling meetings, taking notes, and otherwise helping keep the team stay organized and on track. I track issues affecting partners and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner. I conduct milestone reviews, team task overview, and personal check-ins.

I am familiar with agile methodologies such as SCRUM and AGILE. I have knowledge of software development process, project management, strong organizational skills and attention to detail with exceptional communications skills, both oral and written.

I have a background in programming, scripting, and 3D modeling; which help me successfully communicate with the departments and teams on the same project. This allows the project to stay on track and to have fewer complications due to miscommunications.

I have experience working with departments with peers of different mindsets, as well out outside vendors.

Previously to Drillbit Studios, I have spent the last ten years in IT, most recently, I was a project lead for a fortune 250 company as we developed and released software to keep over five thousand work employees and their devices compliant with government regulations.