Georgia Tech

MS Human-Computer Interaction | Graduate Research Assistant

I am currently in my second and final year of the human-computer interaction masters program at Georgia Tech. As a holistic user experience program, I have taken classes that focus on UX research, such as Psychology Research Methods and Discovery & Invention in Digital Media, and others that focus on UX design -- like Visual Design and Data Visualization. I have also been able to take more focused classes that allow a deeper dive into more specific technology users, like Service Design (retail customers), and Technology and Poverty (NBUs).

Public Design Workshop

I work as a Graduate Research Assistant in Dr. Carl DiSalvo's research studio in the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech. We investigate the role of information and communication technologies in shaping public life. Recently, our work has surrounded the exploration of how technology can be used to turn Atlanta into a "smart city." We are determined to talk with citizens and test concepts that would work for them, not the other way around. Our approach of using workshops as a springboard for participatory design is meant to spark community engagement to discover unique design solutions.

Facilitating design workshops hosted in collaboration with Atlanta City Studio and General Assembly.

Service Design

During my Spring 2017 semester, I took a service design class in which we partnered with National Cash Register (NCR) to design innovations for the future of retail. My group worked closely with the NCR account manager for RaceTrac, a convenience store company based in Atlanta. Our goal was to design the best possible customer experience by conducting thorough user research and prototyping multiple solutions. After several rounds of observations, customer walkthroughs, and interviews, we presented our concept for The Future of RaceTrac.

We presented our video, and design process, to over 30 NCR managers and representatives from companies like Walmart and Macy's.

Technology and Poverty

Technology and Poverty served as the ultimate test in understanding users. Throughout the semester we read dozens of case studies from various countries. We discussed why certain tech-based projects succeeded, and why others failed. For each case study, we focused on understanding the users within that specific country. The final project for the class was to propose our own technological solution for a specific user group. We presented our idea for a cloud-based wifi-sharing app called All-In at the Ideas2Serve competition hosted by Scheller College of Business.


We pitched our technology solution as entrepreneurs at Georgia Tech's business school.