Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at Southeast Missouri State University (Aug 2018-Present)

Courses teaching at Southeast Missouri State University:

  • CY-501 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CS-630 Human-Computer Interaction
  • CS-500 Advance Java Programming
  • CS-503 Fundamentals of Computing
  • CS-390 Principles of Programming Languages
  • CS-345 Discrete Structures II
  • CS-245 Discrete Structures I
  • IS-245 Web Development & Security
  • CS-177 Intro to Python
Lecturer of Computer Science at Southern Illinois University ( Aug 2014 - Aug 2018)

Courses taught at Computer Science Department of Southern Illinois University:

  • CS-410/CS 591-On Campus: Computer Security
  • CS-412-On Campus: Programming Distributed Apps
  • CS-391-Online: Ethical Hacking (Designed, Prepared and Taught)
  • CS-350-Online: Web Application Development
  • CS-391-Online: Information Security Professional (Designed and Prepared)
  • CS-221-On Campus: Internet & Mobile Computing (Designed, Prepared and Taught)
  • CS-220-On Campus: Programming with Data Structure using Java
  • CS-200B-Online: Computer Concepts
Lecturer of Information Systems at Southern Illinois University ( Aug 2013 - Aug 2014)

Courses taught at School of Information System Technologies (IST) at Southern Illinois University:

  • ISAT-316-On Campus: Information Assurance I
  • IST-334-Online: Database Design & Processing
  • IST-336-On Campus/Online: Web Based Apps Info Systems
  • IST-415-Online: Cases in Information System Technologies
  • IST-311-Online: Android Application Development and Design
  • IST-209G-Online: Intro. to Game Programming (Designed, Prepared and Taught)
  • IST-370-Online: Into. to Oracle: SQL & PL/SQL
  • IST-412-Online: Information Systems: Analysis & Design