Nicholas Davis

HCI Researcher | Cognitive Scientist | Artist

I am interested in human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, creativity, and collaboration. In particular, I investigate co-creative systems where an intelligent AI agent collaborates with users to perform creative tasks.

Prior to joining the faculty at UNCC, I was a PhD student at Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing. With a specialization in cognitive science and computational creativity, I defended my dissertation, titled Creative Sense-Making: A Cognitive Framework for Quantifying Co-Creation (Google Scholar: Creative Sense-Making Gatech Davis, second value). It investigated technical approaches, research methods, and cognitive theories to inform the design of co-creative systems.

I have industry experience as a UX researcher investigating creativity support tools at Adobe’s Creative Technology Lab, Google, and YouTube. I'm passionate about designing systems to facilitate collaboration and bringing the benefits of collaboration to HCI more broadly. You can reach me at: