Nichols College Consulting

Option 1 - Initial Consultation - Free


  • Review of academic transcript and standardized testing
  • Review of current course load and future course selections
  • Development of standardized test schedule
  • Review of extra-curricular involvement and employment history
  • Discussion of application process and timeline
  • Development of tentative list of schools that match student profile

Option 2 – Comprehensive Package - $3000

The comprehensive package is designed to assist students and families throughout the college application process. This counseling service typically includes:

  • Continued refinement of an appropriate list of colleges that includes safety, target and reach schools.
  • Guiding students on the completion of college applications, including critique of essays, writing supplements and other materials.
  • Guiding students and families on the financial aid process, including the completion of the FAFSA and CSS.
  • Review of need based and merit based scholarship opportunities
  • Discussion of college visits and interviews
  • Review of acceptances and selection of college to attend

About Jeff

Jeff Nichols is a professional educator with 27 years of experience. He received his B.A. in Government from St. Lawrence University. He earned a M.A. in Curriculum and Teaching and an Ed.M in Educational Administration from Columbia University. For the past twenty years, Jeff has served as the principal of Pierson Middle/High School in Sag Harbor, New York. Jeff worked with a team of teachers to bring the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program to Sag Harbor and has overseen its growth since its inception.

Jeff has received training through the Rice University – Center for College Readiness and has visited 143 college campuses over the past twenty years. He has worked with hundreds of students and their counselors as part of the college search and application process. Jeff is a father of three children, the oldest of whom is a freshman at Pitzer College.