Drill Meet PI Questions

1. Q: Wearing the Navy uniform is a matter of what?

A: Personal Pride

2. Q: What is the maximum number of service stars that can be worn on the NJROTC Uniform?

A: 3

3. Q: What is a cadence?

A: A rhythmic rate of marching in a uniform step

4. Q: What is a pace?

A: The length of a full step in quick time, 30 inches

5. Q: What are the four types of ceremonies?

A: Reviews, Parades, Funerals, and Award ceremonies

6. Q: How many steps per minute do you take in Double Time and Quick Time?

A: Double Time : 180 steps per minute and Quick Time : 120 steps per minute

7. Q: What kind of ribbons can cadets wear above the name-tag?

A: Team Commander Ribbons

8. Q: What is the measurement of the J-Bar on the Navy service uniform?

A: 1 7/8 inches from the collar point

9. Q: What are the core values of the Navy?

A: Honor, Courage, and Commitment

10. Q: When is the Navy's Birthday?

A: 13th of October, 1775

11. Q: What are the four parts of a guide­on?

A: Lower Ferrule, Upper Ferrule, Spear Head, and the Identification Flag

12. Q: Who is the only person that can make modifications to the cadet uniform?

A: Area Manager

13. Q: What are the three knots to a tie?

A: Windsor, Half Windsor and Four in One Knot

14. Q: What is the rule of thumb when wearing ribbons?

A: Dark color inboard

15. Q: What are the four ribbons that can be worn incorrectly?

A: Distinguished Cadet, Physical Fitness, Unit Service, and Color Guard

16. Q: What is the highest rank that can be attained by a cadet in the NJROTC?

A: Cadet Commander

17. Q: Who organizes and directs street parades?

A: Grand Marshall

18. Q: What are the two grips while holding the guide­on?

A: Strong Grip and "V" Grip

19. Q: What are the four types of commands?

A: Preparatory Command, Command of Execution, Combined Command, and Supplementary Command

20. Q: What are the four positions of rest?

A: Parade Rest, At Ease, Rest, and Fall Out

21. Q: What is an E-6 in the Navy?

A: First Class Petty Officer

22. Q: Describe the cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Rank?

A: An eagle and two stars perched on a fouled anchor

Navy Terminology

adrift - Loose from moorings and out of control (applied to anything lost, out of hand, or left lying about)

aft-end - Near or toward the stern of the vessel

all hands - The entire ship’s company, both officer and enlisted

allotment - An amount of money a member has coming out of his regular pay

aye-aye - Reply to an order or command meaning “I understand and will comply”

barracks - Building where Sailors live

below - Downstairs

brightwork - Brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted

bunk or rack - Bed

buoy - An anchored float used as an aid to navigation or to mark the location of an object

carry on - An order to resume work or duties

cast off - To throw off; to let go; to unfurl

chain locker - Compartment in which anchor chain is stowed

chit, chit book - Coupon or receipt book

chow hall (mess deck) - Place to eat

colors - Raising or lowering of a national flag, Ceremonies held at 0800 and sunset for hoisting and hauling down the national ensign

deep six - To dispose of by throwing over the side

ensign - National flag; commissioned officer between the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade

fast - Snugly secured

fathom - A unit of length (equal to 6 feet) used for measuring the depth of water

flag officer - Any commissioned officer in paygrade O-7 or above

galley - Kitchen

gangway - An opening in a bulwark or lifeline that provides access to a brow or accommodation ladder; an order meaning to clear the way

gear locker - Storage room

geedunk - Candy, gum or cafeteria

general quarters - Battle stations

liberty - Permission to leave the base (usually for not more than 48 hours)

lifeline - Lines erected around the weatherdecks of a ship to prevent personnel from falling or being washed over the side

overhead - Ceiling

passageway - Hallway

quarters - Assembling of all hands for muster, instruction, and inspection

rating - A job specialty title

reveille - Wake up, start a new day

scullery - Place to wash dishes

scuttlebutt - Drinking fountain; a rumor

secure - Lock, put away or stop work

sickbay - Hospital or Medical clinic

swab - Mop

taps - Time to sleep, end of day

tattoo - Five minutes before taps

topside - Upstairs

turn to - Begin work

working aloft - Working above the highest deck; generally performing maintenance on the ship’s mast