Academic Pages

Academic enrichment and achievement is the fundamental cornerstone of our NJROTC program. We are first and foremost and academic program, and we strongly believe that success in all other areas of our program begins with a foundation of academic success in all classes. We closely monitor our Cadets' academic standing in all of their classes, providing counseling and tutoring when appropriate to help encourage them to do their very best at all times. We believe that academic success in High School begins with self-discipline and self-control, and so these skills are demonstrated, taught and rewarded from the very first day of each school year.

In order to participate in any of our Unit Teams, or in any of our after-school activities and social events, we expect that our Cadets will have a 2.0 GPA, have a passing grade in all courses, and participate in 3 NJROTC events. Additionally they must have a "C" or higher grade in the NJROTC course. In this regard our program sets a higher bar than most school activities, but we have found that our Cadets will consistently rise to the challenge and in the end be better students because of it.

We believe in the use of technology both in and out of the classroom, and we lead the way in our school in the introduction and innovative use of cutting-edge academic technology. We invite you to look at the large amount of internet-based study materials we have created and posted on this website. You can find links to them in the Academic Pages section of the navigation bar on the left. The academic materials we have created and placed on the web are used extensively by NJROTC Units worldwide. In each of our classrooms we make daily use of the eInstruction Classroom Performance System (CPS) hardware and software provided to us by the NJROTC Program.