MHS National Honor Society Selection

Advisors: Ms. Kim & Mrs. Kriger

Welcome! This site is designed to provide information on the NHS selection process as well as the forms that are required for selection to Montgomery High School's National Honor Society candidates. In order to be a candidate for selection, students (juniors and seniors only) must have an unweighted GPA of a 90%. Montgomery NHS does NOT round up to this GPA. Candidates are informed of their eligibility through an invitational letter emailed to them via their school @mtsd email in the early fall of every year. Only Juniors and Seniors are invited to go through selection. Juniors that are denied admittance are able to go through selection again as seniors as long as they have maintained the required unweighted 90% GPA. There is no restriction to the number of those admitted to Montgomery's NHS.

MHS National Honor Society Selection Process Overview, Fall 2021

In mid to early October all juniors and seniors with an unweighted 90% GPA or higher will be emailed an invitation via their @mtsd.student account to go through the NHS selection process.

Those eligible students that choose to go through the selection process must attend a mandatory virtual informational meeting. The time and date for the meeting will be within the emailed invitation.

At the Mandatory Informational Meeting

  • Candidates will be given our Candidate Google Classroom Code. In this Google Classroom, students will be able to access the necessary form templates and Google Forms.

  • The NHS advisor, will instruct the candidates on the, guidelines, selection criteria and forms they will need to fill out as well as the Google Verification forms they must ask their coaches/advisors to fill out for them.

  • Students will be given about 3 weeks until all of their forms are due in addition to those Google Forms that they request their coaches/advisors to fill out for them.

  • The candidate forms that each candidate will personally will fill out consist of a contract of guidelines and responsibilities.

  • Candidates are informed that it is their responsibility to check with the NHS advisor to make sure all forms that they expect to come from advisors have been submitted by their coaches/advisors on time.

The Faculty Council

Once all forms are submitted by both the candidates and the coaches/advisors the NHS advisor provides the each candidate’s information to an anonymous faculty council. The faculty council, consisting of five faculty members, selects the new members (typically the council is comprised of teachers from various subject areas.) It also should be noted that selection criteria is set by the council and can be modified from year to year. However, criteria will be set and made available to the candidates previous to the time of the mandatory informational meeting.

The council, with the aid of the advisor, selects a meeting date to gather and select the new members of NHS. Previous to meeting, the council is provided with each of the candidate’s personal information and the information filled out by their coaches/advisors. The council then uses this information to peruse and note which candidates meet the criteria set for acceptance.

At the faculty council meeting the council members will discuss and decide which candidates they will admit into NHS, based on each candidate’s personal information and the information filled out by their coaches/advisors. They will also provide reasons why candidates are denied admittance. The NHS advisor records the council’s decisions and why denied candidates are not awarded admittance. The NHS advisor does not have a say in which candidates are admitted or denied.

The faculty council does not have a maximum or minimum number of students that can be accepted, not is there a minimum or maximum percentage of students that can be accepted.

Candidate Acceptance Criteria Faculty Council

  • Candidates must have turned in all required forms

  • Scholarship Requirement: 90% unweighted GPA

Character Requirements:

Candidates must be honest, upstanding and respectful. This is determined through various means as listed below:

  • Advisors will take into consideration a candidate’s character when recording each ranking for each role a candidate performs for his/her club/sport/activity.

  • Advisors are asked to explain a rank of 2 or less which will aid in the council’s evaluation of a candidate’s character.

  • The MHS faculty is given a list of candidates and is asked to rank those they know on a scale of 1-5. The faculty is asked to explain a rank of 2 or less which will aid in the council’s evaluation of a candidate’s character. Faculty members that choose to comment on candidates are required to sign the list and return it to the NHS advisor.

  • The council may check with the vice-principals to verify any claims and/or disciplinary action taken against a candidate.

  • The faculty council may deny a candidate acceptance on the basis on a disciplinary record.

Leadership Requirements:

  • At least one leadership role (in or out of MHS) ranked at 5

    • Leadership Roles are:

      • Club Officer (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer)

      • Teacher (ex. Sunday School) ( not assistant teacher). A teacher means that the student is writing/creating and executing his/her own plans, not those dictated, implied, or scripted by another or by the organization for which a student is working.

      • Team Captain

      • Editor

      • Counselor (not assistant counselor)

      • Girl/Boy Scouts (higher levels—Gold, Eagle . ..)

      • Coach (not assistant coach)

  • Leadership roles must be established/ongoing. The leadership role(s) should be established for at least 4 months or a minimum of 8 sessions/lessons/events

  • Roles and positions cannot be paid positions or any other exchanges.

  • Other roles and rankings may be accepted as meeting leadership criteria at the faculty council’s discretion, such as a coach or adviser naming a candidate as a leader on their team or in the club.

  • The faculty council has the power to determine that a claimed leadership role does not actually show leadership.

Community Service Requirements:

  • At least one form that includes verified evidence of a community service activity (with a school club/activity or community club/activity) ranked at least a 3

  • 25 hours community service

  • At least one school activity (see list on Selection Requirements page) on that has been ongoing (not just started in the current school year) and that has been ranked no lower than a 3 (An MHS leadership position can count toward this).


Both the new members and those candidates that were denied acceptance are notified at a general meeting through distribution of a letter. Those that are given denial letters are informed of the area(s) in which they were lacking (leadership, community service, character). Within the letter they are also encouraged to seek out the NHS advisor for more detail on their denial for either more clarity and/or so that they may know what areas to work on in order to gain admittance the following year.